How to Find a UX Mentor

how to find a ux mentor

After 10 user interviews and 30 hours of finding prospects, talking, and taking notes, my mind was exhausted. But I also gained a lot of insight about mentorship, particularly UX mentorship. It’s no lie: mentorship can fast track your learning in a new field. Having someone “on my side” did wonders for me when starting out, giving me guidance in … Read More

Beginner’s Guide to Writing Great Surveys

ux beginner guide writing survey

A UX researcher is constantly asking: what do users think and experience while using our product. Why did they choose it and how do they use it? Surveys are popular with UX practitioners, as well as marketers, social scientists, ethnographers, and strategists to answer these questions. UX Bootcampers can use surveys to test an idea for a new product in … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Centered Design

ux beginner guide conversion centered design

Until recently, marketers have had a lock on several persuasive design techniques, often referred to as conversion centered design (CCD). Usually found on landing and order pages, these techniques employ psychological principles that advertisers have relied upon for decades. | Article written by Sara Hov, UX Content Strategist Now, savvy UX designers are starting to apply some of these proven … Read More

[Intro guide] UX Research

intro guide to user research ux beginner

UX research is a broad discipline encompassing an array of specific practices. Its goal is to cut through the fog of assumptions and shine a light on the reality of who people are, what they do, and what they want. Article written by Emerson Dameron, UX Consultant, Content Strategist, and Writer based in Los Angeles. Design is about empathy, about … Read More

UX Cover Letters – a Step by Step Guide

ux cover letter step by step guide banner

Nearly every job hunter has one part of the job application process that they hate – creating a resume, designing a portfolio, preparing for a job interview or writing a cover letter. In preparing for my personal launch into a UX career, creating cover letters has been one the most difficult parts of the process. | Written by Tara-Lee York, participant in the … Read More

Design Communication Toolkit – Part 1: Communication Styles

ux design communication toolkit - communication style

Communication is a word that gets tossed around freely. UX managers and recruiters are looking for individuals with not just the right design chops but also good communication skills. I’m certain no one has ever gone in for an interview and said, “You know I have every technical skill you need, but to be honest my communication skills…frankly they suck.” … Read More

[Intro guide] The ROI of UX

roi ux intro guide

Article written by Meghan Hartman as part of the Design Writing Apprenticeship. The concept of “value” has been weighing on my mind as of late. I’ve been wrestling with some heavy questions like, how do I bring value to the world through my work? and, perhaps more importantly, how do I explain what I do in terms of the value I bring? … Read More

No One Cares How Much You’re Paid

I hear and learn interesting things from UX job coaching mentees all the time. “I have 3 projects to include in my portfolio, but only 1 of them was paid.” This assumes that unpaid projects are not as valuable as paid ones. And it makes some designers feel that unpaid projects aren’t worth including in their UX portfolios. Not true. Hiring managers and … Read More

List of Top UX Design Portfolios

This will be a continually updated list of UX Design Portfolios I admire  The UX portfolio. Annoyingly hard to build, ridiculously essential for getting a UX job. Throughout the years, I’ve been cataloguing & saving impressive UX portfolios. These portfolios all exhibit similar characteristics: in-depth case studies and clean design. Let’s dive in: Alan Shen Notable Case Study: Netflix – Immersive Storytelling Good … Read More

Know Your UX Terms: Common Words and Acronyms in User Experience Design

This is a guest post by Amber Stechyshyn, UX Designer and Content Fellow at Springboard. When starting out in a new field, one of the first things to adjust to is all the new terminology.  Job applications are full of them, networking event attendees use them casually, and many articles assume that you know exactly what they are. Glossaries and … Read More