Tuesday UX Trainer: How do we design designers?


You’re reading an issue of Tuesday UX Trainer, a series that teaches you something new about UX design every week.  1. How do we design designers (video) Three years ago, Jared Spool shared a meta-level talk about how to design a better educational experience to create the next generation of designers. Whether you sign up for Center Centre (a 2 year program … Read More

Tuesday UX Trainer: Startup Stock Options – Are They Worth Anything?


You’re reading an issue of Tuesday UX Trainer, a series that teaches you something new about design every week. Original issue can be read here. 1. Startup stock options: are they worth anything? “Well, we also offer equity…” Might be something you’ve heard before when negotiating a UX design offer with a startup. TL;DR (meaning too long; didn’t read) Options … Read More

Tuesday UX Trainer: Getting into UX at Age 40


You’re reading an issue of Tuesday UX Trainer, a series that teaches you something new about design every week. Original issue can be read here. These are this week’s UX lessons that are worth your time: 1. A guide to becoming a UX Designer at 40  3 years ago, Guy Ligertwood stepped into a UX bootcamp and fought the uphill … Read More

How to say “UX Design” in the 25 most spoken languages


Imagine you’re on a plane, and the person next to you wants to know what you do. If they speak another language, how do you say UX design in their mother tongue? This got me curious about how to say “user experience design” in the world’s most spoken languages. That lead me to do some a lot of research, resulting … Read More

Should you do free UX Design work?


You feel a little used. What you thought was a short, free project turned into an unsavory season of unpaid work. It’s not your fault. You wanted more experience. It’s neither the company’s fault. The founder told you their budget (zero, ha!) from the beginning. Almost every designer has done free work at some point in their lives. A logo for … Read More

The Best Udemy Courses for Every UX Skill

best ux design courses on udemy

Udemy is a giant learning marketplace with courses on virtually every topic under the sun, from learning piano to, of course, UX design courses. Because of the immense selection, it’s difficult to choose which courses are the best in each category, and UX design is no exception. So I present to you the “quick hits” list of the best courses available … Read More

The Lean UX Job Hunt Strategy

I love The Lean Startup not only because it introduced a new methodology to build products, but also because “lean” thinking can be applied to many other facets of life. You guessed it – Lean Startup can help with the arduous UX job search. To get some context, let’s start with a common conversation I have with mentees in my UX Career Coaching Program… … Read More

Medium – a Setup Guide for Designers


So, what’s Medium? Questions that haunt every UX Beginner: How do I get noticed in the industry? How do I make myself stand in the crowd of new UX Designers?  What are the steps that I need to take to attract clients as an independent consultant or my preferred employer?   As getting started in UX becomes more accessible, it’s … Read More

Common Pitfalls of Survey Design (And How to Avoid Them)

ux design - common pitfalls survey design

Welcome to the second part of the Beginner’s Guide to Writing Great Surveys.  The first part of this guide explained how to draft a series of survey questions that will provide you with the data that you most need, based on your goals. In this article you will learn some of the common survey pitfalls and how you can avoid … Read More

Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy

intro guide content strategy

In the beginning, there was content. But there was not very much of it. As the web expanded and new spaces filled with content, Content Strategists arose to take on the awesome responsibility of creating, organizing, and caring for it all. | Article written by Emerson Dameron, UX Consultant, Content Strategist, and Writer based in Los Angeles. The field of Content … Read More