2 Pivotal Lessons on Identity for Designers

Like many of you, I took a circuitous route that landed me in UX design.  After graduating, I started my career in a management rotation program. The program consisted of 6 rotations over 2 years, meaning I was changing jobs every 4 months. As an Econ major with no clue what I wanted to do, this was perfect for me. … Read More

The 1% Designer

  [su_quote]Oz, I can’t believe you’ve changed so much[/su_quote]   Catching up with old friends one night, I didn’t expect this comment. To them, my job, appearance, and general life trajectory has changed vastly since they last saw me. It came as a surprise because all the changes – becoming a UX Designer, picking up random skills – felt rather … Read More

Set Higher Expectations for Yourself

On the drive home today, I listened to an incredible episode of This American Life (you can listen to it directly for free). The story is about Daniel Kish, a blind man who bikes, runs, and operates just as freely as those who can see. But this story is much more about a blind man. It’s about the power of expectation.  [su_quote cite=”Carol … Read More