UX Essentials Lesson 3: Strategy and User Experience

In the previous post, we covered what UX Designers actually do on the job. (For a refresher, please re-read What UX Designers Do.) In this lesson, let’s dig into Strategy, an underrated component of design. Readers with a business background will especially appreciate the relevance of this lesson. This is a bigger post, so let’s break it down into 3 sections… Surveying the Landscape with the … Read More

UX Essentials Lesson 2: What UX Designers Do

In the previous post, we defined User Experience Design in many contexts. For a refresher, please re-read Defining User Experience Design. In this lesson, let’s dig into the real-world applications of what UX Designers do. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the UX field, practitioners need to be able to think at a high level but also drill down into detailed work. … Read More

UX Essentials Lesson 1: Defining User Experience Design

Welcome to the first lesson of the UX Essentials Course! It’s a course containing lessons on the different elements of User Experience. By the end of this course you should be able to: Understand and explain the different elements of User Experience Design Learn exactly what UX Designers do Get inside knowledge on how to make a solid portfolio But today’s goal is … Read More