Use These 2 Minimalist Concepts to Hack Your Design Learning

I’m the best at psyching myself out when starting new projects. Before I even sketch out a simple plan of the project, my mind enters ultra-irrational mode: Well first, don’t I need to finish that Photoshop tutorial to learn how to make a better UI? Shouldn’t I also get a better grasp on typography, color and layout before I start designing this app? … Read More

7 Reasons Why You Should Date a UX Designer

IF you were to date someone purely based on their profession, then consider putting User Experience Designers at the top of your list. Since User Experience Design as a field is still relatively new, it could use some introduction to stand out from long-established roles such as the engineer,  financial analyst, doctor, or lawyer. It’s already halfway to Valentine’s Day,  and not too early to think … Read More

How to Remember the 3 Vital UX Laws (and impress your interviewers)

  In a competitive UX job market, those who pay attention to the details and ask the high-level questions stand out. Questions like: Do our designs solve problems in the best possible way?  Here’s a quick and effective framework to answer that very question: Know Your Usability Laws + Test Your Designs  It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how often the classic … Read More

The Last Post You’ll Read On Whether UX Designers Need to Learn Code

This is the #1 question I get asked by UXBs: Do UX Designers need to know how to code? It’s one the most contentious topics in the design community today. With the tech world moving at such a fast pace, hiring getting more competitive, and the proliferation (and consolidation) of roles…this all adds up to a lot of confusion in the marketplace. … Read More