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UX Resume Template Pack


Grab it here: UX Resume – 3 Pack Template in .Sketch File

Fonts Used: Raleway and Lato 

Or, read the original article Complete Guide to UX Resumes and a Free Template

Hacker News Redesign PSD

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Grab it here: Hacker News Redesign Sketch +PSD File

The full article describing my process is here:
Hacker News UX+UI Redesign Process

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The Ultimate UX Portfolio Course – 30% off


Here’s the exclusive link for the 30% off discount code for The Ultimate UX Portfolio Course:

Get the Ultimate UX Portfolio – 30% Off Promo Applied

It’s hosted on Udemy, which means you can ask questions, share insights, fast forward through videos and more!

The course is priced at the Udemy max of $200 (which is already a steal), but this exclusive coupon saves you 30%, for a total price of $140.

I’m so excited to help you craft a stunning UX portfolio :)



UNBOX is a wireframing course that teaches you how to learn UI design the way I learned it – by deconstructing successful apps and websites.

Want all 21 Lessons that includes mobile, webapps and responsive websites?

Read about what you get from the full version of UNBOX here:

UNBOX: The Wireframing Course

Happy wireframing!

UX Career Coaching Program


My 1-on-1 UX job coaching program is available here: UX Career Coaching Program. I’ve helped students overhaul their portfolios, optimize their resumes, and rebrand themselves into stronger UX candidates. If your UX job search is going slower than you like, move your career forward with 1 on 1 coaching with me!