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Making it as a UX & UI freelancer is hard

You do UX & UI. You understand different facets of user experience – interaction design, user research, UI design…the whole enchilada. So why is freelance work so hard to come by? It’s because of confusion in the marketplace. The classic example is the developer role hiding inside a UX posting:

What most UX postings look like…“Looking for a UX/UI developer to research, design and code the final product in HTML/CSS/JS…”

Part of the problem is that UX is still a relatively a young field, so employers

  1. Don’t know what they want from UX designers
  2. Write bad job listings.

UX Leads kills two birds with one stone. We only handpick UX-specific jobs. For companies who post with us, we train our clients (startup founders, hiring managers, agencies) to develop realistic UX job postings.

no UX unicorn job postings

How to get consistent UX work

You need a pipeline of UX work. The fastest way to build this pipeline is to get quality freelance job leads. Most professionals in other fields already do this. Dentists pay at least $50 per lead to find new patients. Real estate agents routinely pay $150+ per lead to find who wants to buy or sell a house.

But almost no one does this for UX. Most UX designers over-rely on their personal networks or wait around to get lucky. Savvy consultants like you can easily get an unfair advantage with the stream of leads you get from UX Leads.

Why you should join right now

We only send you quality freelance leads and focused on remote UX opportunities. Meaning you can do work in your underwear and nobody will know ;)

And signing up is a risk-free, no-brainer decision. Why?

While UX Leads is still in beta, you get this service for no charge. We want to work out the kinks of matching UX freelancers to gigs before our official launch.

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UX Leads is perfect for…

  • UX Bootcamp Graduates
  • Career Transitioners
  • Digital Nomads & Remote Workers

UX is NOT for you if…

  • You don’t have a portfolio of UX work ready to show
  • You aren’t willing to work those leads. Leads are qualified business opportunities, and you do have to email them to get the conversation started.
  • Your UX Leads profile is incomplete

Ready to get more UX work?

While UX Leads is in free beta right now, at any point the button below can turn into a buy button. This is a highly valuable service for UX freelancers and I plan on charging a fair amount for it in the future.

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