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Using LinkedIn Learning to learn UX Design

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I’ve scoured through endless courses to recommend these top 10 UX courses on LinkedIn Learning. Enjoy!

– Oz Chen, reviewer & founder of

LinkedIn Learning used to be, before it was acquired by Microsoft’s LinkedIn. (Say that sentence 3x fast).
Some advantages of using LinkedIn Learning for UX study:
  • Courses are created by vetted creators
  • Add completed courses to your LinkedIn profile.
  • LinkedIn courses tend to be short, topical and inexpensive.

You can buy courses a-la-carte or pay for a low monthly membership fee. Here’s a link to 1 month of free learning.

Note: There are affiliate links to LinkedIn Learning on this page. We stand by our recommendations for UX students. Thanks in advance for supporting our free site!








applied psychology

PHD instructor

~3 hours

In this course, David Hogue walks through the foundational processes & techniques required for interaction design. You’ll learn key psychology concepts and how they can help us better understand how your users think, feel, and behave.

You’ll also learn the methods and processes used by interaction designers to create products that are considerate and engaging. Learn about the dimensions of interaction design, design thinking, design patterns, usability and accessibility, and more.

Master ui elements




How do you design navigation, and when should you use a table or accordion to present data?

Design patterns are a necessary tool in the UX toolbelt – in this course, you’ll learn when to use the right UI elements at the right time, and apply them to your design projects.

The instructor, Diane Cromwell, also teaches key design principles used in  core web and software application interactions.

Design collaboration

how to own the ux

work with developers

~1 hour

Design is a full contact sport. As a UX designer, you’ll have to navigate relationships across the product team like engineers, product managers and business stakeholders.

This course teaches you how to manage those relationships, as well as “negotiation” tactics like:

  • Using data to persuade
  • Building relationships with stakeholders
  • Justifying design budgets


Journey maps

Empathy maps

30 minutes

This short-and-sweet course will teach you an often-overlooked UX superpower: creating journey maps and empathy maps.

You’ll learn how to facilitate design discussions and build a shared understanding through mapping exercises.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to choose the mapping type that works best for your organization and find the best ways to share them with colleagues and clients.

User scenarios


Star teacher

30 minutes

Need a reality check for your designs? That’s what UX storyboards and scenarios are for.

In this course, you’ll learn how to write scenarios and transform them into visual storyboards.

The results?

  • Identify the right features to build
  • Clear documentation to guide your through prototyping and implementation.
  • Get the team on the same page

UX strategy

1 Project

1 hour

The secret to stand outing in the mind of your consumers? Stop shouting your own story and  start playing a specific role in theirs!

Learn how to apply storytelling principles to your UX design process, from defining the story arc to orchestrating the action.

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to craft stories that connect with your users!





Did you know Google creates amazing new innovations from 5-day design sprints? Learn this design sprint process, including the tools & processes and structure to make it all happen in 5 days.

You’ll also learn:

  • Gathering feedback from testers
  • Narrowing down ideas and choosing a solution
  • How to finish the spring with a clear deliverable


UI practice

1 project

~2 hours

Learn Adobe XD straight from Demian Borba, someone who’s worked directly on building XD! You’ll get an overview of design & prototyping features, like…

  • Setting up a design project file
  • Leveraging components & UI kits
  • Repeat grids & advanced features

By the end of the course, you’ll have basic fluency in XD to build our UIs and new design projects!


Project management

4 quizzes

42 minutes

Want more clients as a UX designer? Building up your portfolio and looking for freelance opportunities? This course will teach you how to:

  • Keep your freelance pipeline full
  • Manage your freelance workload
  • Subcontract work (!)
  • Work with stakeholders
You’ll come away with an optimized workflow for UX freelancing and stand out from the competition!

Ready to dive into LinkedIn Learning’s UX courses?


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