UX Analysis of Missha: A Missed Opportunity in Responsive Design


This is Kim Chung’s UX analysis of a popular online store. Want to see more UX analyses or have a request to see one in a future newsletter? Let us know in the comments below and give us some inspiration! Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day. At least three excuses to bait new and loyal shoppers alike into … Read More

Where should I create my portfolio?!

Where should I create my portfolio?

When applying to design jobs, the portfolio is an absolute requirement. A portfolio demonstrates how you present your work and approach UX projects. In a way, your design portfolio is a proxy for both your technical skills and soft skills. Therefore, where you choose to create your portfolio has a (BIG) hand in the flexibility and capabilities of building the … Read More

UXBeginner’s 2020 Recap

Want UX updates? Sign up for the UX newsletter here. Last year, the anticipation of a turn of a new decade provided lots of predictions and expectations for what 2020 would bring as well. 2020 was unexpected to say the least: Australian wildfires; a global pandemic; massive social unrest and the call to end systemic racism; a neck-to-neck U.S. presidential … Read More