UX Essentials Lesson 2: What UX Designers Do

In the previous post, we defined User Experience Design in many contexts. For a refresher, please re-read Defining User Experience Design. In this lesson, let’s dig into the real-world applications of what UX Designers do. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the UX field, practitioners need to be able to think at a high level but also drill down into detailed work. … Read More

UX Essentials Lesson 1: Defining User Experience Design

Welcome to the first lesson of the UX Essentials Course! It’s a course containing lessons on the different elements of User Experience. By the end of this course you should be able to: Understand and explain the different elements of User Experience Design Learn exactly what UX Designers do Get inside knowledge on how to make a solid portfolio But today’s goal is … Read More

UX Portfolio Case Study: Zach Kuzmic

This is the second in our series of UX Portfolio Case Studies, featuring Zach Kuzmic. Today’s post is organized as follows: Intro to UX Designer Zach Kuzmic Case study of Zach’s UX Portfolio Interview with Zach. In-depth portfolio and UX career advice here. Intro Zach Kuzmic is a User Experience Designer who hails from Columbus, Ohio and currently resides in Austin, … Read More

UX Portfolio Case Study: Ed Lea

Kicking off our first series of UX Portfolio Case Studies, featuring Ed Lea. Today’s post is organized as follows: Intro to Ed Case study of Ed’s UX Portfolio Interview with Ed. Really great UX career advice here. Intro Ed Lea is a product designer who has been working in the field of design and UX since 1999…that was when we had … Read More

The UX Buffet – How to Learn UX Without Going Insane

this post is inspired from a conversation with a UXB subscriber, who asked… I feel overwhelmed with the number of things to learn in UX. There’s visual design, usability testing, information architecture…not to mention skills like coding. Where do I start? Indeed, learning UX isn’t necessarily the smoothest user experience itself. One Google search can easily give UX Beginners the impression … Read More

How to Remember the 3 Vital UX Laws (and impress your interviewers)

In a competitive UX job market, those who pay attention to the details and ask the high-level questions stand out. Questions like: Do our designs solve problems in the best possible way?  Here’s a quick and effective framework to answer that very question: Know Your Usability Laws + Test Your Designs  It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how often the classic UX laws … Read More

UX Beginners: How to Move Beyond UX Tools

Every craft requires its tools. Carpenters have their drill bits and utility belts. Accountants have Excel. Digital creatives have…an endless number of tools at their disposal. Because the internet. Thus it’s no surprise that one of the top questions I get about working in UX Design is: “What tools do you use?” I used respond by explaining the tools I use and … Read More

How I Transitioned into UX from Business

My transition into UX was a long and slow one. It took many “ah-hah” moments in succession to finally leave a comfortable business analyst job and switch over to something I was more passionate about. Here is my journey: Entrepreneurship as the goal, from start to finish Soon after starting my first job out of college, I joined a weekly meetup … Read More