UX Design Processes


With the growth of UX today, there are a plethora of design methodologies but a designer’s process will depend on the problem they’re solving. Approaches can differ based on the constraints of a project. One team may prefer a simple approach, whereas another may opt to blend two or more together.  These design processes are similar to the scientific method … Read More

Guide to UX Design Job Titles and Career Levels

What’s the difference between a junior, mid level and senior UX designer? UX job titles and the career pathways available to UX professionals can be unclear, especially when you’re just getting started in UX. In this guide, get an in-depth look at the career journey from UX Intern to UX Lead. You can click to jump to each section: UX … Read More

The Text-First Portfolio


Creating a UX Portfolio can seem like a daunting task. There seems to be a million items to take care of, from the visual design to storytelling. It’s going to take so much work! When I was redesigning my portfolio, I realized that it wasn’t the amount of work that scared me, but these hidden factors:  Making my portfolio eye-catching … Read More

Should UX designers learn how to code? A definitive answer.

should ux designers code?

I once wrote about whether UX designers should code. 5 years later, my answer remains mostly the same. This article will help you stay away from fruitless “should you code” debates into perpetuity.  If you’re transitioning into UX, you’re probably wondering whether you need to learn how to code. It used to be one of the most contentious topics in … Read More

The 4 Types of UX Interview Questions to Master


So can you tell me about KPIs you used to measure the outcome of this design? I froze. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead. I didn’t know how to answer the interview question and stumbled through with a half-assed response. Interviewing used to be one of those painful, tedious chores for me. That’s because I didn’t understand the underlying structure … Read More

Top UX Interview Mistakes to Avoid


A collection of UX interview tips to increase your chances of getting a UX job. I’ve bombed my fair share of UX interviews. I’ve experienced interview failures from all spectrums of the rainbow, from arriving late to trying too hard to impress everyone. In fact, my failures feel even more painful when I’m sitting on the other side of the table, interviewing … Read More

How to Find a UX Mentor

how to find a ux mentor

I interviewed ten aspiring UX designers, spending over 30 hours conducting interviews about what UX mentorship was like from both sides of the table. This article reflects my best thinking on how to approach UX mentors, and a counterintuitive way of thinking about mentorship in general. It’s no lie: mentorship can fast track your learning in a new field. Having … Read More

Should You Take Time Off Between Jobs?


When I was transitioning into a UX career, my mother advised me: “Don’t quit your job until you’ve got another job lined up.” Sounds sensible enough. So I proceeded to do exactly the opposite and quit my job without another one lined up. In this article I’ll share with you some ideas that helped me make this tough decision, and … Read More

Top 10 UX Portfolio Best Practices


There’s an exciting UX job you want to apply for. You’re putting the finishing touches on your UX portfolio. Just to make sure you’re not missing anything, you want some portfolio advice that you can implement TODAY. Enter this list – a “quick hits” of the Top 10 UX Portfolio best practices. You can click the links below to jump … Read More

Complete Guide to UX Resumes + 3 Free Templates


Step by step guide on how to craft a UX resume for getting a UX job. The resume has been around for some 500+ years now, thanks to Leonardo da Vinci. Today there are more subtleties and challenges around the resume than ever. We’re talking file formats, resume types and the relevance of applicant tracking systems (ATS)…just to name a few. … Read More