How to interview like a seasoned UX pro

(Even if you've never interviewed a day in your life!)

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In the meantime, if you're reading this...then you probably already know that interviewing is an invaluable career skill. 

Interview skills give you insane return-on-investment for your effort, leading to higher pay and the ability to change to better UX jobs.

That's why I included the following 5 core lessons to help you permanently upgrade your interviewing skills:

Lesson 1: Why most designers suck at interviews

Understand the core reasons why designers struggle with interviews, and why interview skills are worth investing in.

Lesson 2: The Anatomy of a UX Interview

Learn the underlying structure of interview stages, and adopt a new mental model for interviews.

Lesson 3: How to Impress Interviewers

The counterintuitive quality that interviewers look for, that most job applicants ignore.

Lesson 4: Learn the 4 Types of UX Interview Questions

Get educated on the types of questions that you'll see over and over again in UX interviews.

Lesson 5: Top UX Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Leverage the mistakes of other designers (myself include) to avoid common pitfalls in the interview process.

“This UX interview mini course showed me  how easy it is to get an advantage in the job market by using a different approach."

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