TUT #32: New UX FAQ page, UX becoming a commodity & 2018 design trends


Launched: the brand new UX frequently asked questions page. After curating hundreds of questions from readers via email, Facebook and my own career coaching, I present you the top questions & answers across 4 categories. If you have a question about UX careers, this page is likely to have an answer for you. Highlight: Select a jump link to skip to … Read More

TUT #30: Design group critiques, what is onanism and what to do when you don’t hear back from job applications


One of the unavoidables of being a UX designer: getting your design critiqued. Learn the subtle art of facilitating and participating in design critiques in this quick primer. Last year, the design-to-development company Avocode made a report about the trends they saw based on data from 2 million Sketch & Photoshop design files uploaded to their tool. Some interesting things to note: Sketch was more popular … Read More

TUT #28: Designing rituals, Marketing + SEO stats for UXers, and Job titles are dumb


TUT is a UXBeginner publication, curating the latest user experience news & training.  A crack team of interaction designers from Stanford put together the Ritual Design Lab, which explores how designers can learn from the patterns of rituals “to develop better designs — that are engaging for users, and that offer more meaning to them.” Makes sense for a university that’s famous … Read More

TUT #27: Designing user flows before knowing functionality, a hack for case study design artifacts + upcoming design competitions


❓Have you ran into the situation in which you’re tasked with designing a user flow before knowing the functionality? There’s multiple approaches, from using design conventions (as is suggested in the top answer) or communicating with your team to flesh out design options. If you’re ever looking for a good design challenge (or brain teaser), check out the StackOverflow’s UX … Read More