TUT 45: Designed in China, Assembled in California


The 45th edition of the UX Training newsletter looks at a lot of trends in the field of design and technology. I start with the most important article I’ve read about the state of technology in quite a long time. It worries me. Followed by an analysis of Apple Design Winners, an even more comprehensive analysis of the design practices … Read More

TUT #42: New UX Salaries Data, Rethinking “Useless” Products and UX ROI Case Studies


NEW UX SALARIES DATA (2018) MeasuringU put out an in-depth study of UX salaries in America. The top 3 factors that affect salaries are where you live (Silicon Valley still pays the most), experience level and company size/type. Highlight: “The median (U.S.) Salary is $95,000. Each year since 2005, the inflation adjusted median salary hasn’t changed much as it’s fluctuated … Read More

TUT #40: Difficult Data, Designing with Code and WeChat’s “Mini Programs”


TUT is a UXBeginner publication, curating the best UX news & training worth reading. DESIGNING WITH DIFFICULT DATA This article is another great reminder to NOT use lorem ipsum and avoid what most designers do: picking data that “fit” your designs. Writing with real data helps account for edge cases, and create more flexible designs: Highlight: “When it comes to design … Read More

TUT #38: Personalization, Voice Interaction and Preventing Suicide the Modern Way


HOW GOV.UK IS HANDLING VOICE INTERACTIONS  Read this fascinating article on voice search and what the UK’s digital arm is doing about it. It’s interesting that one of the big challenges is to make content more easily understandable by search engines, with schema.org structured data as a potential solution. The need to design for voice is on the rise! Highlight: … Read More

TUT #37: UX Resume Tips, 2018 Remote Work Report and Is the Party Over for UX?


A DESIGNER’S JOURNEY INTO FACEBOOK DESIGN Garron Engstrom writes a detailed account of how he started at Mitchell International, then Intuit, and finding his way into Facebook Design. Some great thoughts about being a generalist versus specialized designer: Highlight: “What is your dream company? Find out about their hiring practices. Do they hire specialists or generalists? Whatever it is, become … Read More