Understanding design levels: Junior vs Mid-level vs Senior UX Designer

Understanding design levels: Junior vs Mid-level vs Senior UX Designer

UX students are frustrated to see that most UX jobs listed are for Mid Level or Senior UX Designers. And they often come with a required # of years of experience that a beginner doesn’t have yet. What gives? This is a distraction for the UX career transitioner. The industry gives the impression that the “levels” of UX design are … Read More

Guide to UX Design Job Titles and Career Levels

What’s the difference between a junior, mid level and senior UX designer? UX job titles and the career pathways available to UX professionals can be unclear, especially when you’re just getting started in UX. In this guide, get an in-depth look at the career journey from UX Intern to UX Lead. You can click to jump to each section: UX … Read More

How to Find a UX Mentor

how to find a ux mentor

I interviewed ten aspiring UX designers, spending over 30 hours conducting interviews about what UX mentorship was like from both sides of the table. This article reflects my best thinking on how to approach UX mentors, and a counterintuitive way of thinking about mentorship in general. It’s no lie: mentorship can fast track your learning in a new field. Having … Read More

Should You Take Time Off Between Jobs?


When I was transitioning into a UX career, my mother advised me: “Don’t quit your job until you’ve got another job lined up.” Sounds sensible enough. So I proceeded to do exactly the opposite and quit my job without another one lined up. In this article I’ll share with you some ideas that helped me make this tough decision, and … Read More