How to prepare for UX interview design challenges


Design challenges, or design assignments, are often the least enjoyable and most daunting for UX designers during the interview process. In this guide, get an in-depth understanding of how to prepare for your next design challenge. You can click to jump to each section: Types of Design Challenges Preparing For A Design Challenge What To Do During A White Board Challenge … Read More

The 4 Types of UX Interview Questions to Master


So can you tell me about KPIs you used to measure the outcome of this design? I froze. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead. I didn’t know how to answer the interview question and stumbled through with a half-assed response. Interviewing used to be one of those painful, tedious chores for me. That’s because I didn’t understand the underlying structure … Read More

Top UX Interview Mistakes to Avoid


A collection of UX interview tips to increase your chances of getting a UX job. I’ve bombed my fair share of UX interviews. I’ve experienced interview failures from all spectrums of the rainbow, from arriving late to trying too hard to impress everyone. In fact, my failures feel even more painful when I’m sitting on the other side of the table, interviewing … Read More

The UX Designer’s Guide to Informational Interviews


Where do I start in UX? How do I know if UX Design is the right job for me? What do people do to get a job at Google or Facebook? My answer to all these questions is to talk to somebody. Specifically, hold informational interviews. Not only do informational interviews help you get your bearings when first starting out … Read More

10 Useful Questions to Ask in UX Interviews

When it comes to UX interviews, it’s easy to feel like you’re the one getting grilled. But remember, you’re interviewing the company too.  You may spend a third of your life (~8 hours) for years at a job. So you might as well determine if a company is right for you. You can figure this out with some of the right questions, which help … Read More