Minimum Viable UX Portfolio


Ah, the portfolio…the magic key to the UX universe. In terms of hiring anyway.Nowadays a UX portfolio is required for many good reasons: it highlights your work and shows your process as a UX Designer. Job listings nowadays often say “link to portfolio” required or “no submission without a portfolio will be considered.” This is also to separate the number of … Read More

UX Storytelling Techniques for Design Portfolios


By Daljit Ahluwalia, UX Writer You passed the initial phone interview and now comes the final test to show potential employers what you are capable of: the UX portfolio presentation. You might wonder… “Which projects should I talk about?” “Should I just walk through projects on my website?” The purpose of the portfolio presentation is not only for recruiters and … Read More

Presenting a design? Try the fine dining method


This is one of the most common problems I see with UX portfolios – Designers will show their work without context… “This is a wireframe. This is a user flow. This is a sitemap.” It feels like the designer is just going through the motions of what they think they’re supposed to show. When a UX case study lacks context, … Read More

Should you do free UX Design work?


You feel a little used. What you thought was a short, free project turned into an unsavory season of unpaid work. It’s not your fault. You wanted more experience. It’s neither the company’s fault. The founder told you their budget (zero, ha!) from the beginning. Almost every designer has done free work at some point in their lives. A logo for … Read More

List of Top UX Design Portfolios

This will be a continually updated list of UX Design Portfolios I admire  The UX portfolio. Annoyingly hard to build, ridiculously essential for getting a UX job. Throughout the years, I’ve been cataloguing & saving impressive UX portfolios. These portfolios all exhibit similar characteristics: in-depth case studies and clean design. Let’s dive in: Eric Bue Notable Case Study: Exercise Tracker Great example of: … Read More

Top 10 UX Portfolio Best Practices

There’s a sexy UX job you want to apply for. You’re putting the finishing touches on your UX portfolio. And since you don’t have time for in-depth training like The Ultimate UX Portfolio Course (or do you?), you want some tips you can implement TODAY. That’s what this post is for – a “quick hits” list of the Top 10 UX Portfolio … Read More

The Best UX Portfolio Building Tools


Creating a UX Portfolio is hard enough. Luckily, there are a handful of tools that make the portfolio-building process much easier. Some tools are the obvious, popular ones. But I’m excited to share some “hidden gems” with you as well. My favorite UX Portfolio tools are organized in 4 different sections: Working with Text Working with Images Working with Videos Working … Read More

The Text-First Portfolio

Creating a UX Portfolio is daunting. It’s been a long time since I’ve revised mine, and I’m dreading it. It’s going to take so much work! I realized that it wasn’t the amount of work that scares me, but it’s these factors instead: Making my portfolio eye-catching Redesigning my personal website Getting all project assets together to make my portfolio Then something struck … Read More

UX Portfolio Case Study: Zach Kuzmic

This is the second in our series of UX Portfolio Case Studies, featuring Zach Kuzmic. Today’s post is organized as follows: Intro to UX Designer Zach Kuzmic Case study of Zach’s UX Portfolio Interview with Zach. In-depth portfolio and UX career advice here. Intro Zach Kuzmic is a User Experience Designer who hails from Columbus, Ohio and currently resides in Austin, … Read More

UX Portfolio Case Study: Ed Lea

Kicking off our first series of UX Portfolio Case Studies, featuring Ed Lea. Today’s post is organized as follows: Intro to Ed Case study of Ed’s UX Portfolio Interview with Ed. Really great UX career advice here. Intro Ed Lea is a product designer who has been working in the field of design and UX since 1999…that was when we had … Read More