Master the UX Interview

in-depth training to help you interview and win user experience jobs

Riddle: What’s nerve-wracking, happens only a handful of times each year, and has a disproportionate impact on your life?

Answer: If you said job interviews, you’re absolutely right.
(92% of U.S. adults have job interview anxiety,

– from the desk of Oz Chen, expert UX Career Coach – 

According to Glassdoor, 6 candidates are brought in for each in-person interview (sifted out of 250 applications). The chances of getting hired, once you’ve been invited for an on-site interview, is 16%.

Are you prepared to interview better than your competition?

A solid UX portfolio gets you in the door, but good interview skills get to you the final rounds, and eventually job offers.

But UX interviews are a different animal. Because the field of user experience is still relatively young, UX interviews are often unpredictable and frustrating.

In our design lingo, these are some of the biggest “pain points” of UX interviews…

  • Getting thrown off by unexpected questions
  • Dealing with last-minute nervousness
  • Feeling under-prepared for “marathon” interview sessions that last hours
  • Stumbling through design exercises and portfolio presentations

For all these reasons (and yes, I’ve been through it all…), I didn’t create this course. My UX coaching students demanded that I create a course specifically around interviews.

So I present to you, Master the UX Interview.

confidently handle…

In this course, I’ll walk through the interview process step by step with you so that you’re 100% prepared on interview day.

This training includes a complete walkthrough of UX interview questions to practice with, including how to handle design exercises and presenting your portfolio.

70+ UX interview training tutorials

Module 1: Total UX Interview Prep

[ 14 total training videos ]

Module 2: UX Interview Questions

[ 38 interview training videos ]

Module 3: UX Portfolio Presentation + Interview Workshop

[ 4 workshop videos ]

Module 4: Mastering Design Exercises

[ 12 training videos ]

* The course is designed to be modular, meaning you can watch all the videos in order or skip to any video and immediately learn useful interview strategies.

Rock Your Next UX Interview



  • 70+ training videos
  • Limited time: UX interview question bank (includes answers and suggested approaches)
  • Limited Time: Email scripts & templates
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I got more than I bargained for. Using the interview framework from Oz’s course, I skipped 2 levels (mid-level UX designer) to manager of UX for a digital agency. Insane.Suzanne, Senior Lead UX from Culver City

Interested in more hands on practice? Get the Pro Package

Limited time bonuses

Exclusive bonuses only available in the Pro Package is available in the Standard Package for a limited time. Get ’em while you can!

Bonus #1: UX Interview Checklist

Bonus #2: UX Questions & Example Answers

Bonus #3: Email Templates & Scripts

“Kind of don’t want other UXers to find out about your course. Literally 80% of your material showed up in real life UX interviews, including the design exercise.”Mick, interaction designer from Venice, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

The Standard Package includes 70+ training videos that’ll help most UX Designers interview at the top 10% compared to their peers. It’s adequate for most designers looking for an edge.

Get the Pro Package if you want to simulate real life UX interviews with a real UX Designer (me). This is especially useful if you’re out of practice, haven’t interviewed in months, or have a big interview coming up soon.

*Pro customers get tailored interview practice based on a designer’s target company and/or industry (e.g. SaaS startup vs healthcare enterprise team).

The Pro Package also comes with 5 in-depth video interviews with UX veterans who share their best UX interview advice.

Both packages contain the following bonuses:

  • UX Interview Question Bank (70+ Questions sortable in a spreadsheet)
  • Total UX Interview Prep Checklist (interactive PDF)
  • 20 UX Questions and example responses (PDF booklet)
  • Email scripts & templates  (PDF Booklet)
After purchasing, you’ll be directed to your Gumroad library – that’s where the course is hosted on. The first file in this course is a PDF that welcomes you to the course, and gives you an option to consume the course on Udemy if you’re a Udemy fan. Gumroad itself is pretty sweet – you can download or stream all the videos from the website, or grab their iOS & Android apps for interview practice on the go.
Students with upcoming interviews can spend most of their time practicing interview questions (Module 4), while others with a longer time frame can go through the course in order.

Regardless, this course is made me be modular and you’ll get a ton of practical value by diving into any one of the 70 training videos.

The only person who can guarantee that you get the job…is you. And thorough preparation is the thing you’re in control of before an interview. Is it any wonder that designers who’ve practiced interviewing do much better in job interviews, than those who go in “cold?”

In an independent study by, “Interviewees who had seen [interview] questions were 16.6% more likely to be considered hirable by their interviewer.”

Master the UX Interview doesn’t only teach you how to approach the most common questions asked in a UX interview, but also goes beyond to prepare you for a variety of otherwise stressful interview scenarios. Interviewing is a skill, and this is the only one that teaches it for the UX industry.

Well, I’m flattered that you wandered into our corner of the universe that is UX design ;)

It may come as a surprise to you that many customers who tried my beta course are graphic designers, art directors, and product managers – and they commented on how effective my interviewing strategies were for their jobs.

While this course is designed for UX & Product designers, but can also be extremely helpful to others working in tech / digital products.

Invest in a skill that pays off



  • 70+ training videos
  • Limited time: UX interview question bank (includes answers and suggested approaches)
  • Limited Time: Email scripts & templates
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Does investing in UX interview skills make sense for you? If you’re willing to bear the cost of figuring things out by yourself (like I did), respect. I advise all potential mentees to do their research, and consider free resources like the UXBeginner blog. I also offer lower-cost courses like UNBOX: The Wireframing Course or The Ultimate UX Portfolio Course.

Interviewing is one of the most vital skills you can have in your career. Master the UX Interview will raise your interview game on all levels. And it’s knowledge you can use over and over again throughout your career.

If you are a UX Designer or aspiring to be one, this course will be one of the smartest investments you make in your design career.

See you on the other side!

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