What a tailored UX job application process looks like

See UX job, apply to UX job. Is it that simple?

To increase the likelihood of a recruiter looking at your application, a tailored approach is best.

Step 1: if you find the listing through a job board site like Indeed, don’t apply on the job board.

Instead, go directly to the company’s website:

Step 2: Find the dedicated careers / jobs page.

Step 3: Find the specific job application requirements…make sure to read directions.

Did you notice that compared to the Indeed approach, this method would be applying directly to the company? Your application is going directly to their inbox, versus a separate job portal.

It’s an easy way to stand out.

Make sure to read specific job app requirements like what to put in the subject line of your email.

Step 4: Tailor your job application

Now’s your chance to shine and use an ultra-targeted approach. The average designer ignores the fact that most of the keywords you should mention and say in your application…are exactly what’s already in the job posting!

If the position emphasizes keywords like “user research” and “customer journey maps,” make sure to address those things directly in your UX resume.

If the position is “User Experience Designer,” make sure your resume says “User Experience Designer.”

You’ll be surprised how few people (not just design applicants) do this when applying to jobs.

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Using this tailored job approach have gotten my students much higher response rates that lead to interviews and jobs.

It takes some upfront effort to get used to (instead of mass, push-button applying), but tailored job applications have been one of the most effective career strategies for my UX coaching students.

This is doubly true for remote UX design jobs in which communication + attention to detail are tantamount.

For students of UX School I’ve developed a curated database of 750+ remote-friendly design companies. These are all companies that have posted design & UX jobs that are either remote friendly or full-time remote.

This list can be incredibly lucrative for those searching for remote UX job opportunities; not only can it shortcut the time to find the right company, but most of these companies are open to pitching and remote design contracts (e.g. 1 month web redesign, etc).

Here are just a sample of the bonuses included in UX School.

  1. 730+ Remote UX Job Leads (filterable spreadsheet)
  2. 20 Most Common UX Interview: Questions + Detailed Answers (PDF)
  3. UX Career Email Templates (PDF)

It’s this combination of career-oriented, job-focused UX training & resources that makes UX School an unfair advantage for UX career transitioners. Hop on board before the price doubles on May 4th:

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