List of Top UX Design Portfolios


This will be a continually updated list of UX Design Portfolios I admire 

The UX portfolio. Annoyingly hard to build, ridiculously essential for getting a UX job. Throughout the years, I’ve been cataloguing & saving impressive UX portfolios. These portfolios all exhibit similar characteristics: in-depth case studies and clean design. Let’s dive in:

Eric Bue

Javier Ghaemi

  • Javier’s approach is an interesting example of a hub (personal website) and spoke (linking to case studies on Behance) model.
  • Good example of: showing off design work alongside other interests (blog articles)

Joshua Taylor

  • Notable Case Study: Evernote Web App Redesign
  • Good example of: weaving in business & user cases, talking about KPIs and metrics

Kristian Tumangan

Luke James Taylor

  • Beautiful website with direct links to client work
  • Good example of: UX + Frontend/Web Design portfolio

Matt Rothenberg

Nan Wang

  • Notable Case Study: Acton Rocket Skates
  • Good example of: immersive case study using animation, annotated wireframes & more
  • *UX Job Coaching Student

Nishtha Mehrotra

  • Notable Case Study: TurnedTables
  • Good example of: homepage with easy to access case studies + resume

Rebecca Li

Steven Barros

  • Notable Case Study: Lululemon Redesign
  • Good example of: Extremely in-depth spec work (embedded as PDF) with heavily annotated wireframes & flows.

Suzan Choy

  • Notable Case Study: Biggest Creeper
  • Good example of: homepage gallery layout, password locking certain content

Zach Kuzmic

  • Notable Case Study: Safetime for iOS
  • Good example of: From within his case study, Zach links to a separate PDF of an in-epth wireframe spec. This is a great approach to giving a high level summary while enabling your audience to see more detailed work.
  • I did an analysis of Zach’s UX portfolio a while back

Zhuosi Xie

  • Notable Case Study: Sidetrack
  • Good example of: minimalist look with content-first approach

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Have a suggestion for an amazing UX portfolio or case study? Leave a comment :)