List of Top UX Design Portfolios (Updated 2019)


This will be a continually updated list of UX Design Portfolios I admire. 

Ah, the UX portfolio. Annoyingly hard to build, ridiculously essential for getting a UX job.

In the years, I’ve written about how to quickly create a UX portfolio and how to create a content-first portfolio. I’ve even published a popular course on creating a UX portfolio.

Throughout that time, I ended up cataloguing & saving a wide range of impressive UX portfolios. These portfolios are not the usual that you find on other lists – you’ll find not only new and upcoming UX designers, but also get reasons why I selected each portfolio to include in this list. Let’s begin!

Buzz Usborne

  • Notable Case Study: Atlassian is his most UX heavy case study, the others are more focused on UI and product design.
  • Great example of: no-frills (but elegant) design that prioritizes top case studies and separates out older work in a “more” section. Great example of how to visualize work with large, gorgeous images that feature interaction design details.

Elise Fu

  • Good example of: presenting her work at startup in a comprehensive, authoritative way that first led to a UX internship at Google, and then parlayed into a full time Product Designer position at Facebook.
  • UX Career Coaching Alum

Jenn Stack

  • Notable Case Study: FX Trade Light Mode
  • Great example of: case studies that are long, but well-paced. Good use of rhythm between words, visuals and layout make her work a pleasure to read.

Josh Kim

  • Notable Case Study: User Research in State Health Care
  • Great example of: a portfolio specialized in digital government services. Josh also infuses his portfolio with personality. The home page and writing almost feels like a representation of his mind & persona. You really get a sense of who he is, at higher resolution than most portfolios portray.

Jackie Eaton

  • Notable Case Study: User Research in State Health Care
  • Great example of: a portfolio specialized in digital government services. Josh also infuses his portfolio with personality. The home page and writin

Joshua Taylor

  • Notable Case Study: Evernote Web App Redesign
  • Good example of: weaving in business & user cases, talking about KPIs and metrics

Kristian Tumangan

Kyu Kim

  • Notable Case Study: Lineful for the end-to-end UX process, Atlassian is a great example of how to summarize wide-ranging highlights from a UX internship.
  • Great example of: a UX intern/student portfolio that punches way above its weight class. The portfolio pulls in together stunning visuals and great writing to tell cohesive design stories. It’s coded from scratch, to boot.

Robbin Arcega

  • Notable Case Study: Udemy Teaching Center features great writing and demonstration of UX’s impact on the final product
  • Good example of: a portfolio of someone who transitioned into UX design

Nishtha Mehrotra

  • Notable Case Study: TurnedTables
  • Good example of: homepage with easy to access case studies + resume

Rory Hart

  • Notable Case Study: other than his portfolio, Rory’s in-depth blog posts (like this one on the LA Metro) are quite fun to read about UX in everyday life
  • Good example of: design facilitation, process & teamwork

Rebecca Li

Steven Barros

Suzan Choy

  • Notable Case Study: Biggest Creeper
  • Good example of: homepage gallery layout, password locking certain content

Zach Kuzmic

  • Notable Case Study: Safetime for iOS
  • Good example of: From within his case study, Zach links to a separate PDF of an in-epth wireframe spec. This is a great approach to giving a high level summary while enabling your audience to see more detailed work.
  • I did an analysis of Zach’s UX portfolio a while back

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