Tuesday UX Trainer: Learning Typography

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You’re reading an issue of Tuesday UX Trainer, a series that teaches you something new about UX design every week.

Today’s subject line is adapted from Jason Santa Maria’s talk on typography:

“Err on the side of making something too big, than making it too small.”

Designers stress over a lot of details. The color. The padding & margins. The wireframes, of course.

After putting in countless hours of work in one of my first UX projects, the senior designer had some feedback…

“Uh…I can’t read it.” 

The font on the design was too small, making it hard to read.

Regardless of how fancy your design is, if typography sucks, the whole design suffers.

In this issue, we explore the the importance of typography.

1. On Web Typography (40 min video, start @ 26:00)

I always love revisiting basics, and this video training by Jason Santa Maria goes into typography basics that are so often often forgotten in design, like…

  • Bigger is better – more readable type
  • Contrast – call attention to what’s important or different in a design

And then some unexpected tips, like

  • The longer the line, the more line-spacing
  • More color, more line-height

If you’re (re)learning design fundamentals, typography is an amazing container to practice that skill.

The whole presentation is a pleasure to watch, but here’s a link to the actionable training part:

2. Typography Primer (PDF Guide)

If you’d like to dig more into typography basics, this 20 page PDF will probably take an entire day to study, but make you more knowledgeable about type than most designers out there. Learn typography basics like…

  • Leading
  • Using your quotes correctly
  • “Copyfitting”

The last few pages of the primer are a list of typography definitions to be aware of.

Download the PDF here: http://bonfx.com/custom/type_primer.pdf

3. Typography for Designers & Devs (Training Course)

For those of you who don’t like reading about typography (oh the irony!) but want to learn over video, Typography for Designers & Developers is actually quite entertaining.

UI/UX Designer Ahsan Pervaiz will teach you not only typography basics, but also platform specific knowledge like typography for iOS, Android, and even web (using bootstrap).

The only catch is that the course is done completely in Photoshop, in case you’re a die-hard Sketch fan.

Great course that covers a lot of typography topics not covered elsewhere.

Get it here: Typography for Designers & Devs

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Keep learnin’,

Oz / UX Coach @ UXBeginner.com

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