Tuesday UX Trainer: Empathy is not everything

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Here are this week’s 3 UX links worth reading:

1. Empathy Prompts is one of those amazing one-page websites you should bookmark – its a series of exercises that get you into the mindset of potential users who face accessibility issues.

// Link here: empathyprompts.net

2. A fascinating Vox conversation illustrating why empathy is not the silver bullet – there are many situations in which compassion is more useful, and times in which too empathy gets in our way of solving problems.

// Read the convo here: vox.com/conversations/2017/1/19/14266230/empathy-morality-ethics-psychology-science-compassion-paul-bloom

3. I used to show this video in my intro to UX class because it’s the best illustration of empathy I’ve ever seen. Brene Brown narrates over an engaging cartoon depiction of what it means to be empathetic vs sympathetic.

// Watch it here: youtu.be/1Evwgu369Jw

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