Tuesday UX Trainer: User testing your designs + usability

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You reading an issue of Tuesday UX Trainer, a series that teaches you something new about UX design every week.

These are the UX articles worth reading this week…

In a new article, I explain why the “Fine Dining” method of presenting case studies is far superior to the “Fast Food” method that’s so common in UX designer portfolios. Tip: tell a story – even a short one – along with your deliverables.

There have been two BIG design agency acquisitions. Telepathy, the notable San Diego based design firm behind projects like Quip and Marriott, was bought by ServiceNow. You might know Alan Cooper from his famous UX books About Faceand The Inmates Are Running the Asylum. He’s also founder of the famous Cooper agency, which was acquired by tech consultancy Wipro.

I read this as positive news for our industry; acquisitions of UX firms demonstrates that big companies really value design and UX.

Speaking of agencies, it’s always interesting to see how small consultancies create a niche. I stumbled upon BankingUX.com, which is a UX agency just for the financial sector and has some pretty neat case studies on financial products.

Lastly, you should read This is a web page by Justin Jackson. The design industry is so prone to fads and trends, so this is a simple reminder to focus on your message.

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