Tuesday UX Trainer: Content Strategy

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You reading an issue of Tuesday UX Trainer, a series that teaches you something new about UX design every week.

Housekeeping news: I’ve been quiet while making some website upgrades (https!) and creating new UX education. Yes, I’ve missed you.

Most of us produce content every day. An email to colleagues, labels on the form you’re designing, or even ALL THE COPY on the UI’s you’re designing (that startup life!)

We intuitively know that content is important to our work, but the strategy and design of it sometimes feels random.

So this week’s training is all about getting more clarity on content strategy

Karen McGrane’s talk is THE “mental setup” video to watch about content strategy. She gives an analogy in this 47 minute video about how most people approach content design from a container-first perspective. We have this container and we figure out what to fill it up with later.

But our users demand that as designers, we make “presentation-independent bits of content, that are intended from the start that they can and will live on a variety of platforms.” Indeed, we must go content-first.

Gather Content’s extensive content strategy guide is the most practical guide I’ve seen for UX designers to start designing content. If you’re doing UX for content-heavy industries like publishing and blogging, you’ll gain a ton from this guide. I found the part about prototyping content to be especially useful. Speaking of which…

Meet the Ipsums is a fun and useful tool that has collected all types of lorem ipsum generators around the web, from Corporate Ipsums to Cat Ipsums. It’s now common practice to avoid the classic lorem ipsum text when designing, so these alternative ipsums can offer content that feels a bit more relevant.

Alternative to ipsums: using existing content from your own site or even from a competitor’s can be a fast way to generate more realistic content.

How to Write Great Web Content is the best beginner course related to writing for the web. I’ve long held the belief that writing is design, and that the best designers are the ones who can structure words and content as well as they can pixels.

If you’re a design freelancer, adding content writing to your skillset can expand your client base (and income opportunities). Give this popular content course (2300+ students) course a shot.

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