UX Career Newsletter: “But that’s not my job”

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Maturity and Experience (1 hr podcast)

It always bugged me when I heard “But that’s not my job” around the office – which is usually more a junior designer mistake. In this episode of Working Podcast, designers chime in on the difference between junior and more senior designers, and some expectations of the latter. Loved these two quotes:

“It’s not just about what the person does individually, but how they help the broader team with their expertise. It’s not enough to be proficient yourself…but help shape the process for the team.”

“It’s less about the amount of years or title, it’s more about what you do in that time…It can be very easy to be seduced by a senior title, especially at a young age.”

Listen to the podcast here: https://workingfile.co/episodes/18.html

Web Design Process (checklist)

You landed a freelance client – now what? It helps to have a process and checklist of items in place. Use this checklist as a reference for new design projects working with clients. I like the beginning steps, like recording client details and holding a briefing meeting because they’re so important but easy to forget.

Here’s the tool: Web Design Process

Stop Limiting Design to the Digital Space (article)

Worthwhile read on how to consider environment models when designing.

“Environment models set the stage for designing cross device experiences that blur the lines between the material and digital environments in order to trigger emotional appeal.”

Includes good examples of how successful companies like Uber think & plan beyond just their interface to leverage emotional appeal. A great reminder that UI is just one part of the entire user experience.

Read it on Medium: https://medium.com/ruxers/environment-design-stop-limiting-design-to-digital-space-c10a10589b92

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