Tuesday UX Training: Design automation, applying to Google & resume advice

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*UXBeginner Updates*

  • I’ve brought on amazing interns who are going to help create UX-specific resources like lists and guides for the design community. Look out for these in the coming weeks – and thanks to everyone who applied!
  • UX School development: I’ve added a new section on Personas and am currently developing tutorials on self-initiated UX projects. The promotional price ends May 4th.

Tuesday UX Training (TUT) #23 

🤖 AirBnB has been playing with design automation using machine learning and computer vision.

“We’ve experimented using the technology to live-code prototypes from whiteboard drawings, to translate high fidelity mocks into component specifications for our engineers, and to translate production code into design files for iteration by our designers.”

UX Matters further explores this in The Future of UX Design is Automation. Do you think the robots are comin’ for us?


💡 Google is one of the most selective employers, and this designer shares her journey in landing an internship, then a full time UX role in What I learned From Interviewing and Receiving Offers from Google Two Times.

My favorite piece of advice: “Cater your presentation to the people in the room. As a baseline, it helps to make your presentation simple to understand while showcasing breadth and depth behind your work.”

It’s the same advice I used to help a UX Coaching client land an internship at Google!


📏 Here’s some interesting advice from a recruiter, who suggests avoiding words like “Consultant” on your resume if you’re searching for a full time job. Another suggestion that I myself had to correct students on:

“If you are temping at Company X thru Agency C, do not list Agency C on your resume. Don’t flag yourself as a temp. Just name the client, not the agency.”

I had a friend who listed the agency who retained her, even though the end client was a famous tech company. Don’t undersell yourself!


♿ And finally, this is one of the best articles on accessibility I’ve read in a while. The author walks through accessibility from a dozen “lenses,” from the lens of animation to the lens of time, as all factors to consider when creating designs to be as inclusive as possible. Well worth a study.

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