Reboot a UI/UX Design Job Search in 2021

This week’s UX roundup has 2 article highlights, 2 design tools, 1 design quote, 1 UX book recommendation, and a NEW case study review.

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This week’s UX roundup has 2 article highlights, 2 design tools, 1 design quote, 1 UX book recommendation, and a NEW case study review.

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How to Reboot Your UI/UX Design Job Search in 2021

2020 ravaged the job market, leading to big layoffs across multiple industries.This obviously made the prospect of finding a job that much more competitive – and difficult. While the world is still in recovery mode, there are small things that career changers can do to stay engaged in the job search: 

  1. Set aside time to fully engage in the search whether it’s to make resume updates or actually applying to jobs
  2. Explore your networks – this was something easier done in-person but since many events have moved online consider joining some UX communities 
  3. Target your approach by personalizing your messages whether LinkedIn or email so you stand out in someone’s inbox!


Tell em… 3 times

When presenting your work, inform your audience 3 times so it sticks: introduce the topic, go in-depth, and wrap it up. When you structure presentations like this, it’ll keep your talking points concise. 

slide #2 of Instagram post which reads, "How do you make presentations (like UX case studies) more memorable?



Bravo is a neat tool that translates Figma prototypes to iOS and Android apps! It requires no code and is pretty easy to use.

mobile and web screens of Bravo and Figma


Logitech’s Jason Mayden: Leading with curiosity and humility

In this Design Better episode, hosts Aarron Walter and Eli Woolery interview Jason Mayden, the former designer at Nike. What spoke to me personally was when Jason says that he is an introvert who needs to give himself a pep talk before talking to people. I love that he mentions that even with his many years of leadership experience, he is thoughtful about the way he communicates because he has to talk but also that he wants it to be well-received.


Live Redesign Session – TODAY! (Monday, January 25th)

Hosted by Erik D. Kennedy of Learn UI Design, this live session will walk through UI design with some live demos in Sketch. If you’re trying to get a better handle on typography, colors, whitespace, alignment, and more, this live session might be a chance for you to ask questions and gain some new insights!

prototype screens displayed on iPhones.


How to be An Ethical Designer?

“tldr, Morality is a set of rules based on eternal values, while Ethics is a set of optional rules to assess what you do in relationship to your context.” As designers, we have the ability to creatively represent our views and values so it’s important to consider what ethics means to you. Ethics are important because they keep what you’re designing clean and honest. Through this, you can establish your position as a credible and professional designer as well. So what are things that you can do to practice being more ethical?

  1. Continue to learn about ethics and explore the Epicurean principle. 
  2. Push for diversity in your organization.
  3. Push for understanding of our values.
  4. Learn about ethics.
  5. Think about the leather implications of what we are working on.


“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.” 

Massimo Vignelli, designer, and co-founder of Vignelli Associates


Graphic Design Trends 2021

Yes, this is a video about graphic design trends, which is not the same as UX design, but the work that is highlighted in this video is so impressive. I felt like the colors and detail that were pointed out in the techniques such as abstract minimalism or empty lines are all potential methods of showcasing prototypes or ideas for UI design. Add these to your moodboard for inspo! 


Health Design Thinking

This is a timely read for designers working in healthcare, or interested in understanding how design can be used in a healthcare context. Utilizing human-centered design, more empathy can be brought into the care of others. Since Covid-19, the healthcare system has presented many challenges and opportunities for innovation. 

Health Design Thinking book cover (line at of stethoscope outline a person with a pink heart)


Parametric Color Mixer

A fun little color palette composer inspired by audio parametric equalizers. Turn dials to adjust the colors!

screenshot of sunset color palette


Case Study: GNO Blankets. Branding and Web Design for Ecommerce

Designer: Marina Yalanska and Olga Zakharyan

Case Study: GNO Wellbeing

With a focus on health and well-being, GNO Wellbeing produced special and well-checked heavy blankets to aid better sleep. 

Why this case study is awesome: 

  • Includes logo design, custom graphics, website pages, and interactions which are all laid out in individual sections with plenty of visuals to awe over. 
  • In the web design section, the design decisions, such as the product page layout, are explained in how it ties back to the user’s needs when they visit the GNO site.
  • Consistency – the colors and visuals used in the case study follow a specific theme that is targeted to the business. 

This is a professionally made case study for a real, live product. While not all of your portfolio projects might be for a specific company or product, there are many ideas here that you could practice in your own projects. 

Note: We’re experimenting with highlighting one new case study from the broader design industry in our weekly UX newsletter. This currently replaces the Remote UX Jobs section. Let us know what your thoughts are!


UX Design Techniques: Creating Scenarios and Storyboards


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