UX Debt, Fitts’ Law, the Best Font Size, and more!

UX Debt, Fitts’ Law, the Best Font Size, and more! Plus: many new remote UX jobs.

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  • UX bootcamps are known as one of the best avenues into a career as a UX designer. Don’t know which to choose? Check out our’s Best UX Bootcamps Reviewed to learn about all the different offerings and how they compare to each other.
  • What’s the best font size for the web? Well, it depends… Practically speaking, we don’t always know what our visitors’ environment and technology are, but instead of using that old rule of thumb, Robert Mohns walks through tools to calculate the ideal font size of any typeface, for any user, on any device! 

“First you make it work, then you make it work well, and then you make it so people can’t imagine life any other way. That’s UX.”

– Karl Fast
  • UX Debt 101 is understanding that incoherent, unstable, and unfriendly user experiences for users result in lower satisfaction among other things. These accumulations of design and development flaws accumulate as a form of debt that companies need to pay back before regaining their userbase. 
  • Design tools – they’re everywhere and come in all different variations. But do they all serve their purposes? Here are 5 Useful Chrome Extensions for Designers from checking for responsiveness to copying HTML and CSS that have withstood the test of time. 
  • Fitts’ Law: a usability hack for UX Designers to better understand the mathematical model of human movement by predicting how long it takes a user to complete a task. Short answer: it depends on the size of the target and the distance to the target. 

Creative Inspiration: Sharpen Design

Preparing for an interview? Looking for design inspiration or trying out new tools or techniques? Sharpen Design has you covered with over five million randomly generated design prompts to get you started on that next project. This tool is great for both new and seasoned designers to sharpen *haha* their skills! 

Remote UX Jobs

Lots of awesome job postings this week – redesigned for YOU

UI Designer

C Teleport aims to automate and speed up the flight booking process through an online app. 

Requirements: online portfolio; understanding of mobile platforms; experience with building and working with Design Systems

#startup #smallteam

UI/UX Designer

Pathrise (YC W18) is an online program that provides tech professionals with the tools to achieve their next job.

Requirements: 0-2 years developing HTML/CSS and Javascript; 0-2 years experience as Product Designer; entrepreneurship or small startup experience; portfolio with an understanding of design and front-end engineering

#startup #smallteam #strongmentoring

UX Designer

Global Technical Talent is a talent acquisition strategy built upon partnerships that further their clients’ technology and business goals. 

Requirements: 3+ years of related experience designing at consumer-focused companies; experience with Agile, Design Thinking, Lean UX, and Lean Startup; online portfolio

#bigcompany #friendlycoworkers

Product Designer

Meddy’s mission is to help patients make informed health decisions through better doctor appointment booking.

Requirements: experience creating scalable design systems; experience designing for web, mobile web, iOS, Android, email, etc.; resume, cover letter

#startup #smallcompany

UI/UX Designer

ShortPoint is a software company that allows users to create reusable elements and templates without coding. 

Requirements: resume, cover letter; 4+ years of experience solving complex user design problems, experience with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Sketch, and Figma

#greatperks #flexible #friendlycoworkers

Product Designer

Outer provides software development services focused on building information modeling (BIM).

Requirements: resume, cover letter, and portfolio; experience or interest with AEC (Architecture, Engineering, & Construction)

#startup #greatperks #flexible

Remote Senior UX Positions

Senior/Lead Product Designer

<compucorp/> works with charities and non-profit organizations to better establish an online presence by rebuilding their process and integrating a digital platform.

Requirements: CV and 2 relevant sample projects; knowledge of UX component libraries and interaction design; knowledge of Sketch, Principle, and Abstract; comfortable with Invision

#startup #flexible #friendlycoworkers

Senior Creative Digital Designer

Influx provides Support as a Service for brands and tech companies – agents, management, training, QA, data, and insights. 

Requirements: CV, cover letter, online portfolio; 5+ years of multimedia design experience, skills in Adobe CC, experience creating HTML5 animated web banners and social media advertising

#startup #flexible #friendlycoworkers

UX Lead

Moodle is a known learning platform that empowers educators to improve their learning experience. 

Requirements: resume and photo; leadership experience in UX design and research; remote experience

#bigcompany #flexible #greatperks

Senior Product Designer

Retail Zipline is a  communications & task management solution that helps retailers coordinate their stores.

Requirements: resume, cover letter, and portfolio; 8+ years of experience as a software UI/UX Designer; expert in HTML, CSS/SCSS and SASS (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets); understanding of ADA compliance standards

#startup #greatperks #unicornpotential

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