Organization is KEY! World IA Day, How to Redesign, and more

Organization is KEY! World IA Day, How to Redesign, and more! Plus: new UX remote jobs

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  • This past weekend, World Information Architecture Day (World IA Day or WIAD) took place in over 61 locations across the globe to empower local leaders and celebrate the power of information architecture. Although the event has passed, many talks were recorded via live stream for easy at-home viewing!  
  • For psychology fanatics, our understanding of cognitive psychology can teach us about how Categories, Associations, and Navigation Design interconnect. Darrell Penta takes the concept of card-sorting to explain various word associations. In his example, the prompt BEE can suggest words such as sting, honey, hive, insect, and wasp but take the word HONEY, it doesn’t necessarily suggest bee. 
  • For many bright-eyed, young UX designers, when faced with a whiteboard design challenge, they are caught like a deer in the headlights not knowing where to approach the problem. How to Redesign, Step by Step Guide walks through the process of a redesign in four main phases: discovery, definition, exploration, and execution. 
  • Aspiring UX Designers can fast track learning in the field by seeking out a mentor or a coach who provides guidance and endless information. How to Find a UX Mentor depends on 5 main things: time commitment, formality, experience gap, location, and desired knowledge. Remember, you can have more than 1 mentor and coach. 

Reading List: Solving Product Design Exercises

Practicing for a Whiteboard Design Challenge (WDC)? This book is for designers who are actively job-searching! It’s written to get you prepared for different types of design challenges through structured guidance and rules of thumb to follow. Additionally, Artiom Dashinsky explains what interviews are looking for in your process of solving the problem because typically, design schools fail to teach a business mindset that many designers would use while at their companies. 

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Remote UX Jobs

Visual Designer

Aha! is a software company that creates strategic roadmaps for clients.

Requirements: online portfolio, LinkedIn, cover letter, resume; 3+ years of experience on a product or visual design team for a SaaS app; can design production-ready assets and materials (logos, icons, digital ads, etc.)

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UX Strategist and Designer

Simple Focus is a private agency that designs products, websites, and experiences for clients. 

Requirements: (emailed to personal information; why simple focus; show your work; highlight a project; your location; your salary requirement; full-time or contract work

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Mobile UX Designer

Mattermost is a flexible, open-source messaging platform that enables secure team collaboration.

Requirements: 3-5+ years of design experience on mobile and mobile web applications; resume and portfolio; intensely curious with a good understanding of analytics and a desire to learn from the data

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Visual Designer

Sendible allows users to manage social media for multiple brands.

Requirements: 3+ years of experience as a visual designer (in SaaS); resume, cover letter, and portfolio; good knowledge of social media

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Visual Designer

Respondent recruit, qualify and pay high-quality research participants for any type of research study. 

Requirements: proficiency in Sketch and InVision (and equivalent tools); 3+ years of experience as a visual designer; resume and portfolio

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Remote Senior UX Positions

Senior UX/UI Product Designer

ApproveMe is a digital platform for quickly sending contracts, tracking activity, and capturing signatures. 

Requirements: 5+ years of experience with desktop-centric UI/UX design; 3+ years experience using Sketch; portfolio with SaaS products

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