The UX of Time Change

Plus: Learning Code, Design Inspiration, UI Design Principles, Dark Patterns and Technical Writing.

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  • In light of springing forward with Daylight Savings, let’s talk about Time Change: How the UX of Time Begins Below the UI. This case study breaks down web-based applications to the database to understand how users select time and date. Despite being something that has been kept track of for at least 20,000 years, it’s a messy situation that differs depending on where you are. 
  • The debate is ongoing – Should UX Designers Learn How to Code? UX Beginner offers A Definitive Answer: no, UX Designers do not have to code but it depends on what kind of a designer you want to be. In other words, whether or not you code on your personal preference, not the job description. 
  • UI Design Principles are timeless concepts for any UX Designer. With many new resources and tools online to create designs, it’s important to remember the basics that drive the essence of UI Design to achieve a better overall user experience. 
  • It’s being used in advertisements everywhere – schemes that bait users into “free” and other tempting benefits. Here are 10 Evil Types of Dark UX Patterns that deceive and manipulate users into doing something they don’t want or need to do. Where are the ethics in this?! 
  • Gauging Users’ Reactions to Non-native UI is a series of guerilla testing to uncover that standardized UI and UX of HIG-relevant elements have a slightly positive effect on the UX of all users. It will take more tests to further support this idea but it can potentially impact the loyalty of users! 
  • Clear signifiers and feedback at all stages of interaction make for drag-and-drop to be discoverable and easy to use. Drag-and-Drop: How to Design for Ease of Use encourages designers to make it simple and straightforward even when it might not always be the best choice. 

Designer’s Toolkit

Technical Writing Courses is Google’s release to help professional software engineers, computer science students, and engineering-adjacent roles focus on technical writing. Communication is key and Google hopes to make the world a clearing place by offering a two-part course filled with communal lessons and resources. 

Remote UX Jobs

UX Designer

DAT Bootcamp is a study tool for users to conquer the DAT or Dental Admission Test. 

Requirements: link to portfolio/personal website/relevant work samples and email to; experience with Figma/Sketch and HTML/CSS

#unicornpotential #startup #smallteam

Product Designer

Hotjar democratizes site analytics and feedback by making it affordable and accessible to everyone.

Requirements: candidates in European timezones between UTC-1 and UTC+3; 4+ years of experience designing and shipping digital products and systems; natural inclination to always think MVP first

#greatperks #flexible 

UX Designer

Sourcegraph is creating the best way to read and understand code.

Requirements: experience designing complex web applications; portfolio and resume; proficiency with prototyping tools to design end-to-end experiences; understanding of developers, and a strong understanding of Git and Git workflows

#smallteam #startup #unicornpotential

Remote Senior UX Positions

Senior Product Designer

Mixmax is a feature-rich email app that extends Gmail’s functionality and delivers enhanced productivity for customer-facing teams. 

Requirements: 3+ years of design experience working on software products; portfolio, LinkedIn, and resume; ability to build high-fidelity mockups in Adobe CC, Sketch, Framer, or similar products

#friendlycoworkers #flexibile #greatperks 

Senior Experience Designer

Pegasystems is cloud software for customer engagement and operational excellence.

Requirements: BA/BS Degree and 5 years of experience; proficiency with frontend UI technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.; resume

#bigcompany #greatperks #unicornpotential

Senior UX Designer

SessionLab is a dynamic way to design workshops and collaborate with co-facilitators. 

Requirements: based withing the timezones of UTA-1 tp UTC+3; experience working remotely; experience working both on web and mobile apps

#smallteam #startup

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