COVID-19: the UX perspective

UX stories about COVID-19 and other nuggets. Plus: new remote UX Jobs

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As designers, we can have many opinions but are not qualified to weigh in on the pandemic from a position of authority. However, using our talents, UX designers can encourage social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. We can use nudging and emotional design to help flatten the curve and increase informative awareness. 

Charts can mislead, misinform, and cause panic. Here’s a complete guide to coronavirus charts: be informed, not terrified! There are a few quick things to keep in mind while consuming information overload regarding the virus during this pandemic (more covered in the article!): 

  • not everything is factual – check that the information is coming from a creditable source
  • there are demographic differences – what’s happening in China and Italy might be similar to what is happening in the U.S. but is not the same
  • pay attention to the visuals – this is where color psychology and chart scales can positivity or negativity impact the experience

For a fun visual representation similar to the article above, check out Growth Design’s Coronavirus UX: How Dashboard Designs Can Impact Your Perception and other great growth and UX case studies in the format of a comic book. 

While everyday routines may seem like they’ve completely turned upside-down, perhaps this is an opportunity to re-examine regular habits and schedules. We can take this as the gift of time and space to consider 4 areas of exploration: Make, Learn, Think, and Connect

Choosing the right user research method for your project can often be a daunting task because of how the method has the potential to influence your insights. Set yourself up for success with these steps and choose the best method for the job:

  1. consider your stage in the design process
  2. identify whether you want behavioral or attitudinal insights
  3. focus on what you need to learn

What a tailored UX job application process looks like. You probably cringe every time someone tells you to tailor your resume to every single job. You know it’s good advice but it requires a little more work to increase the chances of a recruiter reviewing your application.

Designer’s Toolkit

For a small subscription fee (30-day free trial!) to UIE’s All You Can Learn Library, you can access a plethora of UX seminars lead by experts who will guide you to the best practices and techniques online. This learning option is flexible for you to watch past virtual seminars and usually growing weekly with new material. 

Remote UX Jobs

UX Research Writer & Analyst

Baymard Institute is an independent web usability research institute.

Requirements: substantial experience with technical or professional writing; strong reasoning and logical deduction skills; editor experience; 1 long-form writing sample (1,000+ words), cover letter, resume

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Mobile Product Designer

Olark’s live chat software and customer data tools help you learn from every online interaction. 

Requirements: expert-level skill in Gifma; deep understanding of Apple’s human interface design guidelines, Android design and other mobile platform designs, including Google’s material design; strong graphic design skills

#smallteam #startup #greatperks

UX/UI Designer

CobbleWeb develops cost-efficient high-growth digital platforms and mobile apps for online marketplaces.

Requirements: 5+ years of experience working with clients or in an agency as a UX designer; a portfolio that demonstrates the ability to design complex digital products; multi-tasking and time-management skills

#flexible #contract #unicornpotential

Design Ambassador

Contra is a community that connects freelancers to independent work.

Requirements: fully completed profile on; 2+ years of experience designing in consumer products; online portfolio and social media links

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Remote Senior UX Positions

Senior Designer

Farmstead is minimally processed, farm-fresh food that is delivered right to your doorstep.

Requirements: 2+ years experience shipping high-quality designs; effective at both written and verbal communication; resume and portfolio; have experience working in other formats – print and ads

#startup #unicornpotential

Senior UX Designer

Oddball is a digital agency providing support to federal clients.

Requirements: understanding of and ability to design 508 compliant solutions; experience working in Agile development environments; capable of taking direction from senior leadership and translating into concrete next steps and actions

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