What’s it like to be a remote UX designer?

Guide to Remote UX Jobs, remote work tools, and some other remote stuff. Plus: remote UX Jobs.

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One question we get asked a lot is: can I be an effective UX designer while working remotely? This UX Beginner exclusive, a  Guide to Remote UX Jobs by Tara York dives into the matters to help you effectively work in a remote capacity! 

OMG I’m working remotely, now what?! With many tech companies going remote, this article is a gold mine compilation of how you and your team can seamlessly work together over the internet and make it comfortable.  

Here’s a simpler list about going remote if the previous one was too overwhelming! 

For many, remote work and “home business” for the IT sphere is almost second nature and especially necessary during this time of quarantine. Occasionally, there are companies that value every day being in-person and present to interact with coworkers but there are both positives and negatives to working remotely! More importantly, these are some tips and tools to get you started. 

There’s a new trend growing for the use of multi-monitor workspaces. Whether it’s very large monitors, dual or multiple monitor setups, ultrawide screens, curved displays, etc. the best second display you may ever find as a designer is actually a traditional pen and paper approach! Not only is it portable and easy to work with, but a paper-based display also encourages you to take breaks from screens. 

Remote usability testing 101 & how to get started is an attempt to address one of the hardest things to do in-person. Now with almost everything being online, these are some tips and things to consider about remote usability testing.

Not being together in a room to discuss new ideas can be hard but here’s how to brainstorm with your newly remote team. With the help of Google Hangouts, Slack and Miro, some tips to make it work include writing down instructions, discovering tools through warm-ups, asking for feedback, facilitating, and being flexible about tools and time. 

Remote To-dos: 

  • Go on a virtual trip to visit museums and landmarks with Google Arts & Culture
  • Take a one, or two, or more of the 450 Ivy League courses available online from Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, Columbia universities and the University of Pennsylvania! 
  • Experience virtual Disney rides! And if you’re feeling fancy, try a hand in making some DIY Disney snacks
  • Listen to Users Know podcasts to learn more about remote work, everything wrong with agile UX, and more UX topics. 
  • Commit to the Adobe XD Daily Creative Challenge to sharpen your UI/UX design skills in just 9 challenges from March 30 through April 10th! 

Remote UX Jobs

UX Designer

FormAssembly is an enterprise web form creation and collection platform. 

Requirements: be in US Eastern/Central timezone; familiar with Sketch, Slack, and Jira; knowledge of Salesforce Lightning Design, Pendo, and Gherkin

#smallteam #startup #flexible

Product/Visual Designer

Clevertech is a consultancy that builds transformational digital solutions.

Requirements: 5+ years experience developing digital products across a variety of mediums such as web and mobile; participated in the full design cycle; strong communicator

#greatperks #flexible 

Product Designer

Drops is a mobile language learning app with over 35 languages. 

Requirements: work in European working hours (9 AM-6 PM GMT); passionate about app design (iOS and Andriod); fluent in Adobe products and Sketch

#greatperks #smallteam #unicornpotential

UX Designer

CivicActions helps agencies improve lives through modern software and thoughtful experiences. 

Requirements: familiar with human-centered design, lean startup, and agile methodologies; experience in information architecture and responsive content design; experience with broad research and discovery methods

#greatperks #friendlycoworkers #unicornpotential

UI/UX Designer

SweetRush developed blended-training solutions to improve the performance of employees. 

Requirements: 4+years verifiable experience as a UI/UX designer; knowledge of Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat; self-motivated and passionate about learning

#flexible #freelance

Remote Senior UX Positions

Senior Product Designer, Growth

Shopify standardizes and streamlines data infrastructure with a single platform. 

Requirements: experience in working cross-functionally with product managers and other designers; relentless customer-focused approach with design; a self-starter

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