Increasing your confidence as a UX designer

Common excuses of new UX transitioners, confidence as a design, and how to have better conversations. Plus: new remote jobs!

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These are tough economic times. For some, the last couple of weeks were met with transitioning to working fully remote but for many others, remote work is not an option. The job market is scarce for jobs and unemployment is on the rise. Although this might be the hardest time for job-seekers, common excuses holding back UX career transitioners should not interfere with your work towards that dream job! This is the perfect time to sharpen your skills to develop that T-chart and unleash your creativity. 

See, hear, click: in UX, doing is learning just like how some say the act of writing notes is connected to better memory retention. By leveraging and reinforcing conventions and designing for recognition, the brain becomes free from remembering unnecessary details, allowing for better application of knowledge. 

Imposter syndrome is a real barrier for many UX designers. The lack of experience can often be a barrier to confidence as a designer but building confidence is such an important ingredient to being a successful designer. Like most skills, there’s no easy-button to change it but by working on your skillsets and getting feedback, you can build it! 

Do you want to have better conversations? Here are 3 tricks from UX research that can help you have better conversations: really listen, keep listening, and ask and echo. 

We need to talk about Design Sprints because there are some ineffectiveness and pitfalls that can happen when done wrong. Let’s make a couple of things clear: Design Sprints shouldn’t replace the design process and they are not the design equivalents of Development Sprints. 

When buying products, you’re often presented with two options: brand or generic. For many buyers, looking for the cheaper option is a bonus if it still provides the same amazing quality. But to weigh into that decision, brands still matter because it speaks of quality – if I buy this generic ketchup, it won’t taste as good as the flavor I’m familiar with from Heinz. 

Remote To-dos: 

Remote UX Jobs

Product Designer

Octane AI is venture-backed chatbots and messaging startup. 

Requirements: 5+ years of product design experience or closely related role; experience with Sketch, InVision or similar tools; a portfolio of relevant work samples

#startup #smallteam

UX Designer

Defiant is a global leader in WordPress security. 

Requirements: an online portfolio or samples of work related to user-centered design solutions; ability to follow brand guidelines; strong verbal and written English skills

#contract #flexible

UX Designer

Ad Hoc is a digital service company that helps the federal government better serve people. 

Requirements: must be a U.S. Citizen; ability to sketch and rough prototypes, create wireframes, and make UX flows

#bigcompany #greatperks #flexible

Remote Senior UX Positions

Senior Product Designer

SuperHi is an online creative education platform. 

Requirements: strong background in web-based software and responsive web design; coherent understanding of web capabilities including HTML, CSS, and Javascript; experience using Figma

#greatperks #smallteam #unicornpotential

Senior Mobile User Experience Designer

Current is a streaming platform that pays you. 

Requirements: have experience designing consumer products for Android and a strong familiarity with Material Design; clear, empathetic communicator; love to understand the entire system of the product

#greatperks #smallteam #unicornpotential

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