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Organizing design files, iteration and some other stuff. Plus: many new remote UX Jobs

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Psychology is a popular degree choice for getting your foot into UX design. It’s no surprise that the psychology of color and emotional design plays a huge role in user experience. Knowing that there are 4 motivational quadrants: optimistic, pessimistic, insecure, and secure, designers can broaden their emotional design goals and use color to define the tone. 

The choices for UX tools available online right now are endless and overwhelming. Here’s how to move beyond UX tools by focusing on a high-level concept such as drawing or design methodologies. It’s more critical to understand how these skills can be transferred regardless of the tool you’re asked to use. 

Designer iteration brings powerful results. So, do it again designer! Iterative design is highly effective because it allows designers to create and test ideas quickly. As ideas are tried, they are either abandoned or kept to continue building upon. Furthermore, this is a cost-effective approach that checks the user needs requirements through feedback. 

Leow Hou Teng’s Harry Potter and Information Architecture article shed light on information architecture as the foundation of how content is consumed. Card sorting and tree testing are great techniques but they don’t dictate information architecture because they’re only a step in the whole process. You could take any topic and break down the components into information architecture. 

Working remotely: the good, the bad, and the unexpected because there’s been a recent rise in working from home and it might continue for a while. For some, the remote working schedule has been awesome and granted more flexibility but for others, it is out of habit. For those that could use some help, this article brings into light 9 not-even-remotely-great aspects of remote work – and some creative solutions. 

It’s time for a change! This is how to properly organize your design files forever. Regardless of whether your files floating around in the cloud or stored locally, always know where to find that exact file by project identifiers and a descriptive project label along with organized folders. 

Remote To-dos: 

  • Visit famed museums such as the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC and London’s British Museum from the comfort of your home
  • Tour 32 of the United States’ national parks via Google Earth and Google Arts & Culture
  • Explore and download some awesome free fonts from Font Books
  • Create something awesome on TikTok (or simply watch the creative stuff being made by others!)
  • Learn how to cook some awesome food with popular Youtube chefs such as Andrew Rea from Binging with Babish
  • Have kids? Print off free coloring sheets from Crayola
  • Admire Duo’s collection of color combinations that might inspire your next creative project

Remote UX Jobs

Product Designer

Bravado is a global provider of consumer, lifestyle and branding services.  

Requirements: familiar with Figma; conversational English and Russian (good communication with the product team in SF and the engineering team in Russia); understanding of design systems and experience creating them

#greatperks #friendlycoworkers #unicornpotential

UX Designer

FormAssembly is an enterprise web form creation and collection platform. 

Requirements: be in US Eastern/Central timezone; familiar with Sketch, Slack, and Jira; knowledge of Salesforce Lightning Design, Pendo, and Gherkin; comfortable in an Agile work environment

#smallteam #startup #flexible

UI Designer

Blissful Life Foundation promotes new technologies, marketing, and outreach opportunities to Transcendental Meditation (TM) organizations worldwide. 

Requirements: 4-6 years of experience as a UI designer or interaction designer; deep experience in web and native apps and mobile-first design approaches; excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills

#smallteam #contract #nonprofitorg

UX/UI Designer (based in Europe)

Book a Street Artist empowers artistic talent and making it universally accessible. 

Requirements: have experience with the creation of user flows, wireframes, user interfaces, and interactive prototypes, especially for web & mobile apps; fluent in English; deep understanding and interest for technology and design trends

#friendlycoworkers #startup #unicornpotential

UI Designer

DoubleGDP is an end-to-end platform for cities to connect with residents, grow their economy, and deliver responsive public services.

Requirements: 3+ experience and proven track record; strong portfolio to be presented during the interview; experience using tools such as Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, In Vision, UXPin, Quartz; basic understanding of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript

#smallteam #startup #unicornpotential

Product Designer

Sourcegraph is creating the best way to read and understand code.

Requirements: experience designing complex web applications as shown through portfolio and previous work; proficiency with prototyping tools to design end-to-end experiences (Figma); understanding of developers, and a strong understanding of Git and Git workflows

#smallteam #startup #unicornpotential

Remote Senior UX Positions

Director of UX

SecurityScorecard empowers organizations with collaborative security intelligence. 

Requirements: 8+ years of UX and Design experience, primarily in B2B SaaS; 5+ years of leading designers; bachelor’s or master’s design in design, related field or equivalent work experience as a designer

#greatperks #bigcompany #leadershiprole

Senior UX Designer

Sonatype is a leader in software supply chain automation technology.

Requirements: 5+ years of experience as a Sr. UX Designer, Sr. Product Designer or comparable; a portfolio of design work (shows how you solve problems)

#friendlycoworkers #bigcompany #greatperks

VP of Product makes custom products easy for everyone through fantastic software and great customer service. 

Requirements: 10+ years experience in product management; experience defining end-to-end product mission, strategy and roadmap; evangelist of the lean approach

#leadershiprole #bigcompany #greatperks

Senior Product Designer

Crossbeam finds overlapping customers and prospects while keeping client data private and secure. 

Requirements: substantial contributions to product design of a B2B SaaS product; experience closely collaborating with product teams; experience working directly with engineerings regarding design details and understanding tradeoffs; understanding and agreement with the philosophy of product-led growth (PLG)

#flexible #smallteam #friendlycoworkers

Lead UX Designer

Blissful Life Foundation promotes new technologies, marketing, and outreach opportunities to Transcendental Meditation (TM) organizations worldwide. 

Requirements: 5-8 years of experience as a UX/UI designer or interaction designer; knowledge of Transcendental Meditation, mediation, or some form of healthy living; strong track record of interactive design

#smallteam #contract #nonprofitorg

Director of Product Design

HashiCorp is focused on application delivery through tools that focus on simple workflows for users. 

Requirements: 5+ years of experience with real-world product design; 5+ years of experience working collaboratively with engineering, design, and user research teams; 5+ years of management experience with 4+ direct reports under your guidance and leadership

#bigcompany #greatperks #friendlycoworkers

Senior Product Designer

Kiva expands financial access to help underserved communities thrive. 

Requirements: 5+ years of experience designing best-of-class digital products – consumer products, nonprofit, and/org financial services; excellent communication skills; comfortable with cross-functional collaboration between Design, Product, Engineering, and Marketing

#nonprofitorg #friendlycoworkers #flexible

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