Your role as a UX designer during the coronavirus lockdown

How to be useful as a UX designer in pandemic, keeping a customer-centric culture, and more! Plus: new remote UX jobs.

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Whether you are currently still working, freelancing, or on pause as a designer in this climate state, we all share the responsibility of how to be useful as a UX designer in pandemic. Businesses may be affected differently in the current situation, but as designers, we can cater to their needs by being aware of the context.

The most successful businesses right now are the ones who are keeping a customer-centric culture during social distancing to safely serve both their customers and employees. 

Job hunting is brutal. Especially right now when it seems like many of the big companies are on a hiring freeze. BUT, applying to jobs makes you a better UX designer because you are learning. You’re practicing your written communication skills to put together an application, polishing your portfolio, and experience design challenges. 

In 2015, the Medical College Admission Test® (MCAT®) added major sections on behavioral and social sciences in efforts to remind students of the human component to medicine. Therefore, why UX in healthcare technology matters and where it’s going is at the essence of aiding healthcare providers in enhancing the patient experience and making the doctors’ hard work a little bit easier. 

Stéphanie Walter’s color accessibility: tools and resources to help you design inclusive products is an awesome guide broken down into the basics of design accessible for everyone. Not only does she walk through contrast and accessibility of colors, but her post is also loaded with useful tools to bookmark! 

Looking back at findings from a series of eye-tracking studies over 13 years, we learn how people read online: new and old findings. We see that fundamental scanning behaviors remain constant, even as designs change.

Understanding cross-cultural design is complex and multilayered like an onion because it goes beyond just fonts and translations. Everything is impacted by visual density and text expanders too, so make sure that your design comps for other languages. 

Remote To-dos: 

Remote UX Jobs

UX & UI Designer

eHouse Studio is a digital commerce company. 

Requirements: 2+years of experience designing for web and mobile; expert proficiency in Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator; portfolio which demonstrates a passion for user-centered design and visual aesthetics

#smallteam #startup 

Product Designer

Interview Schedule streamlines recruiting operations by simplifying the most manual parts of scheduling interviews. 

Requirements: passionate for elegant UI/UX through a process of creating useful, usable, and beautiful products; intuition for elegant design; some experience with product management; graphic design experience

#flexible #startup #greatperks

UX Designer

Aha! is a software company that creates strategic roadmaps for clients.

Requirements: online portfolio, LinkedIn, cover letter, resume; 3+ years of experience on a product or visual design team for a SaaS app;enjoys crossing back and forth between UX and graphic design; understands product management and marketing as well as user behaviors and motivations

#startup #greatperks #unicornpotential

UX Designer / Developer

Oracle’s mission is to help people see  data in new ways, discover insights, and unlock endless possibilities. 

Requirements: 4+ years designing and prototyping with a UX team’ a portfolio with well-designed, user-center projects; strong front-end development skills

#bigcompany #greatperks #unicornpotential

UX Designer

CreateApe is a digital creative agency. 

Requirements: 3+ years of UX/UI design experience and a portfolio to support that; wizard with Figma/Sketch; ability to make clickable prototypes using InVision; experience with Basecamp/Clickup to post and collaborate on projects

#startup #smallteam #contract

Product Designer

Process Street is the easy, no-code way to help companies build, automate, and track recurring workflows. 

Requirements: 2+ years of commercial experience in UX/UI design; experience in standard UX software such as Sketch and InVision; experience designing digital apps and systems, ideally in the SaaS/B2B space

#smallteam #greatperks #startup

Remote Senior UX Positions

Lead Product Designer

MuleSoft is a Salesforce company on a mission to help organizations change and innovate faster by making it easy to connect the world’s applications, data, and devices. 

Requirements: high-collaborative spirit; domain experience in enterprise software tools and software aimed at technical audiences; portfolio that demonstrates the use of creative and novel solutions to solve complex problems proficiency in generating interactive prototypes in tool of choice

#bigcompany #greatperks #friendlycoworkers

Senior Product Designer

GitBook is an open-source tool for developers to build documentation. 

Requirements: understanding and alignment with company culture; experience with execution of design flow (experience maps, wireframes, prototypes, UI, etc.); experience with cross-team collaboration

#smallteam #greatperks #unicornpotential

UI/UX Design Lead

BlueLabs’ vision is to build a next generation sports better platform focused on performance, reliability, modularity, and automation.

Requirements: 4+ years of professional experience in UI/UX design with a strong background in visual design; experience designer complex mobile applications (web or native); understanding of technical constraints, their impacts, and can adjust design approach accordingly

#smallteam #friendlycoworkers #startup

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