Visual design skills for good UX

Poster prompts to avoid Design-ism, how to make your graphic design go viral, and more! Check out the latest remote jobs.

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Understanding where your strengths lay as a designer uncovers why visual design skills are a must-have for good UX. Depending on the company structure, you can expect to do a little bit of everything or completely specialized. 

Adapted from Will Grant’s 101 UX Principles and inspired by 1,300 BC Moses, the 10 commandments for UI design are best practices that enlightened designers apply to their fantastic works. 

Making your graphic design go viral is simply – use Futura font. Futura is a sexy san-serif font dressed in fame by the right designer. She’s highly recommended for your graphic design because she brings creativity, uniqueness, and modernism to your project. Step aside, Arial. There’s a new queen.

The Laws of UX are design principles that help designers make their work exceptional. Instead of inundating you with dozens of smaller laws, Hick’s Law, Fitts’ Law, and Miller’s Law are the top 3 for UX Beginners to be knowledgeable about. Here’s how to remember the 3 vital UX laws (and impress your interviewers)

Poster prompts to avoid Design-isms is a gentle reminder to minimize the use of jargon to describe what you do. This article is filled with resources to avoid design-isms and help you better explain what and how you work rather than giving up and saying that you make web pages. 

Remote To-dos: 

Remote UX Jobs

Product/Visual Designer

Clevertech is a custom software and app development company that solves hard problems for business and systems integrations.

Requirements: 5+ years of experience developing digital products across a variety of mediums, including web and mobile; have participated in the full design cycle to deliver world-class, pixel-perfect designs

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Product Design Part-Time Mentor

Pathrise (YC W18) is an online program that provides tech professionals with the tools to achieve their next job.

Requirements: good understanding of current requirements of Design interviewing; 3+ years of industry experience with Design (prior teaching experience a plus)

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Honest Paws provides solutions for your pet’s ailments such as CBD-infused pet treats.

Requirements: proficient with a computer system, able to navigate, enter, and manage data on the computer system; knowledge of productivity software (Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Drive, Asana, Zoom, etc.)

#startup #smallteam #unicornpotential

Product Designer

Retruim helps teams improve their Agile processes by facilitating effective and engaging retrospective meetings.

Requirements: a portfolio of relevant design work; experience in a distributed team and/or high-growth startup; growth mindset with an openness to feedback, learning, and experimentation

#startup #smallteam #greatperks

UI Designer

Blissful Life Foundation promotes new technologies, marketing, and outreach opportunities to Transcendental Meditation (TM) organizations worldwide. 

Requirements: 4-6 years of experience as a UI designer or interaction designer; deep experience in web and native apps and mobile-first design approaches; excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills

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Product Designer

Github focuses on lowering the barrier of collaboration by building features into their product to make it easier to contribute. 

Requirements: 3+ years of experience designing digital products; can talk and write about your work; used HTML and CSS as design tools (to prototype and/or build your designs)

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Remote Senior UX Positions

Lead UX Designer

Blissful Life Foundation promotes new technologies, marketing, and outreach opportunities to Transcendental Meditation (TM) organizations worldwide. 

Requirements: 5-8 years of experience as a UX/UI designer or interaction designer; knowledge of Transcendental Meditation, mediation, or some form of healthy living; strong track record of interactive design

#smallteam #contract #nonprofitorg

Senior UX & Creative Designer

Cribl provides users with observability, intelligence, and control over their real-time data. 

Requirements: 5+ years in UX, UI, creative design, data visualization, or information architecture; strong design portfolio and a creative passion that spans product, brand and web design

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