This week’s UX nuggets: Liquid UX, Narcissism, Responsive Logos and Design Tricks that fool us

Responsive logos, marketing design tricks and Liquid UX. Check out our UX nuggets and the latest remote jobs too!

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Want to learn UX by teaching it? The UXBeginner team is looking for a UX student with solid graphic design and social media skills.

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Responsive logo: our well-deserved web innovation

This article caught my eye and I had a “duh” moment because responsive logos are 🤯 . I’ve spent hours designing and prototyping but I’ve never stopped to think about the importance of scaling a logo to the user’s screen. Thank you, Ksenia Pedchenko for your exploration of this phenomenon. 

Business logos are essential to a company’s success. Everyone knows what a logo is. It’s that colored image companies use to represent their company; like Nike’s swoosh, McDonald’s golden arches (M), or Starbucks green mermaid. 

The genius here is understanding the full anatomy of logo design – having a perfected logo and wordmark. Then, taking the logo and wordmark and arranging them to always look great on different screens: mobile and desktop. A good first step to apply is to utilize an SVG format rather than the usual PNG file. An SVG will at least help the logo resize property on the screen. Then, it’s the ability to find a balance between content and visuals on the allotted screen real estate. 

7 Clever Design Tricks Companies Use to Fool Us

“Seeing is believing,” they say. But, in a society built around consumerism, we’re being tricked into impulsive buys in every corner. Here are some of the ways it’s being done:

  1. Sound – audiophilia or not, the sound association is conditioned into our minds to signify feelings, alert, attention, etc. 
  2. Color – color emotions are heavily used in marketing – blue is typically used by tech companies such as Dell or IBM. 
  3. Artificial Wait – Domino’s “Pizza Tracker” is my favorite example of this because it gets you excited and informs you of when your order is ready. 
  4. Smell – Have you ever been to a Jimmy John’s before? Their catchphrase “free smells” reminds guests that their sandwiches are delicious. 
  5. Trustworthiness – beautifully smiling people placed in marketing content to gather trust and seem fun. 
  6. Confusion – IKEA
  7. Elimination – price tags omitting the sales tax in U.S. retail stores.

Liquid UX: the future of user experiences

Michael Lu defines Liquid UX as “a state in which interfaces will leave physical screens/displays and flow with you on to different mediums and exist in your physical reality.” And I think that Marvel’s already been trying to tell us that through Iron Man’s Just A Rather Very Intelligent System (J.A.R.V.I.S.), originally Tony Stark’s natural-language user interface computer system and Black Pather’s Walanda Technology. 

Here are the elements that govern the ideas of Liquid UX:

  1. It will comprise of an almost constant interaction.
  2. Indistinguishable or highly indistinguishable from reality.
  3. It will involve all five human senses.
  4. It will not require a conduit or controller.
  5. It will be preemptive (user initiation not required)

With growing interests in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), this article gives lots of hope of where our future could be in the coming decades. If anything, it’s awesome brainfood and inspiration for your next prototype

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A collection of UI/UX design components, patterns, examples and inspiration →

Design quotes

““I’m not just interested in making something pretty, it has to be personal too.”

Kenneth Ize

“People ignore design that ignores people.”

Robert L. Peters

UX podcast episode 

What is a narcissist? How can we recognize one in our workplace? And then… What can we do about it? → Ep 043: Recognizing & Dealing With Narcissists At Work

UX Video

New York Times columnist, David Pogue, humorously exposes the worst user interfaces he’s come across → Simplicity sells

UX Book

People want choices but in reality, they cannot make decisions when there are too many options → The Paradox of Choice — Barry Schwartz (check out his TED talk too!)


UX Designer

PowerMyLearning is an education nonprofit that supports students, teachers, and family relationships so every child succeeds. 

Requirements: resume and portfolio; experience creating user interfaces, wireframes, user flows, design systems, etc.; bonus points for experience in the education or nonprofit sector. 

#contract #nonprofit

Product Designer

Chili Piper is a scheduling product that helps businesses help their buyers. 

Requirements: has experience using Sketch (experience with Abstract is a plus); very passionate about small detail in a product; loves to be challenged.

#greatperks #smallteam #unicornpotential

Product/UX Designer

Prelimis a mobile-first platform that powers in-person and online product originations for financial institutions.

Requirements: experience working with cross-collaborative teams; experience shipping a product from start-to-finish of design projects; ability to communicate well

#startup #flexible #smallteam

UX Designer

Bitovi simplifies JavaScript development and UX design.

Requirements: clear verbal and written communication skills; familiar with wireframing and prototyping software (Sketch and Axure); passionate about accessibility; keen eye for (responsive) design. 

#smallteam #greatperks

Remote Senior UX Positions

Senior Designer

QuantumMetric helps organizations build better digital products faster. 

Requirements: 4-6 years of experience in a related role in-house or at an agency; proficiency in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Sketch, Invision, and Google Slides or powerpoint Master Pages. 

#startup #friendlycoworkers #unicornpotential

Senior Product Designer

Crossbeam finds overlapping customers and prospects while keeping client data private and secure. 

Requirements: substantial contributions to product design of a B2B SaaS product; experience closely collaborating with product teams; experience working directly with engineerings regarding design details and understanding tradeoffs; understanding and agreement with the philosophy of product-led growth (PLG)

#flexible #smallteam #friendlycoworkers

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