UX Weekly: Big Sur, Hamburgers, Cookies, AI, and Cooper Black

This week's UX roundup: 3 UX articles, 2 design tools, 2 design quotes, 1 UX book recommendation, and 9 remote UX jobs

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macOS Big Sur: The End of OS X

June 22, 2020 – Apple announces some HUGE updates at WWDC 2020. After almost 20 years of OS X, we have arrived at an “End of an Era” where Apple will move towards macOS 11.0. What does the new iOS and Mac OS UI say about where the industry is heading? 

First and foremost, we’re seeing a design overhaul – easier navigation, striking visuals, along with new Control Center. If you look closely at the designs, you’ll notice the progression of rounder corners on apps or buttons are an attempt to make components less frightening and more friendly. 

Next, everyday apps such as Safari and iMessage will be more customizable. Soon, we will be able to change the background image and customize the startup page sections (maybe we’ll see a shift of users from Chrome to Safari). On Messages, your favorite conversations can be pinned for easy access. 

Personally, these changes are very exciting and I’m curious to see how other products will also implement similar design changes into their UI. 

The 🍔 menu

The hamburger menu is probably one of the most controversial components in UX design, for many good reasons such as not being able to showcase features well and minimizing the importance of certain navigation components. However, hamburger menus also help to make the UI cleaner and allocate more space to content on mobile screens. 

If you’re hoping to use hamburger menus, this article is a great tutorial to understanding the animation and code behind what happens when you click on the menu. A hamburger menu typically starts as 3 parallel lines. After you click on it to open the menu, you get an ‘x’ for when you’re ready to close. Understanding the anatomy of the menu is certainly not required of a UX designer but certainly a great plus on your portfolio. 

Cookie consent is (still) broken

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Cookies are always a delicious treat but for some reason in the online world, they’re associated with the idea of harvesting personal data. Why are cookies acting like Trojan Horses?! 

Effective January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) introduced new data privacy rights for California residents – forcing companies that conduct business in the state of California to implement structural changes to their privacy programs. With this change, many business with an online store had to visit their cookie consent. 

While many businesses added to their sites a confirmation for cookie collection, the banners are subtle and in some ways lacking true consent. A common display is a dark banner at the bottom of the screen with a message along the lines of “By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies [insert a hyperlink to cookie policy people don’t generally read]”. This forces users to consent upon continuing their navigation through the screen or to exit. 

Although the cookie policies are available, ethics are questionable because users are not exactly given an option to opt-in. A suggested solution is to make reconsider design. How might you redesign cookie consent for websites? 

💎 UX Nuggets 💎

Design tips & tools

A need site created by Google to learn more about artificial intelligence → A to Z of AI

A browser extension that makes screen sharing with video and screenshots so much easier! (This has been my personal holy grail for work) → Awesome Screenshot

Design quotes

“Don’t make something unless it’s both necessary and useful. But if it is both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful.”

Joshua Porter

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”

Steve Jobs

UX podcast episode 

Adobe’s Wireframe is a design podcast hosted by Adobe Senior Director of Design Khoi Vinh. This first episode the idea that if a user is unable to do something within a product, it is the designer’s fault. Listen to learn why! → Good Design is Human

UX Video

Have you ever noticed that a lot of print-design uses Cooper Black? Here’s a 10-minute video about the font’s history → Why this font is everywhere

Design book

“Once a niche profession more commonly associated with chairs,” product design “is now talked of as a solution to the world’s ills,” Cliff Kuang and Robert Fabricant declare in “User Friendly.” A little bit of history to understand what is known as a user-experience design in the present → User Friendly: How the Hidden Rules of Design Are Changing the Way We Live, Work, and Play


UX Designer

Skylight is a digital consultancy using design, technology, and procurement to help agencies deliver better public services.

Requirements: experience working as a UX or interactive designer within a multidisciplinary, agile team format; ability to work with existing design systems; ability to travel from time to time

#smallteam #startup #greatperks

Product Designer

Differential is a digital-product agency.

Requirements: ability to translate user and client needs into a well-designed solution; familiarity with design and prototype tools (they use Figma); can communicate effectively with clients and teammates

#smallteam #startup #flexible

Product Designer

CompanyCam creates simple-to-use visual-first communication and accountability tools that help contractors get things done every day.

Requirements: The ability to write in markup, CSS/Sass, React.js or React Native; proven ability in UI design, specifically for web apps or mobile apps

#smallteam #unicornpotential #startup

UX Designer

Bending Spoons s a fast-growing tech company focused on building and marketing mobile applications.

Requirements: availability between 9-6 GMT+1; conversational English; hands-on knowledge of mobile UX design and up-to-date knowledge of platforms

#greatperks #smallteam #unicornpotential

Product Designer

Chili Piper is a scheduling product that helps businesses help their buyers. 

Requirements: has experience using Sketch (experience with Abstract is a plus); very passionate about small detail in a product; loves to be challenged.

#greatperks #smallteam #unicornpotential

Remote Senior UX Positions

Senior Product Designer

Kuali is a non-profit, open-source community initiative for developing higher education administrative systems that provided better long-term alternatives to what was available.

Requirements: a portfolio of work; expert skills with graphic, illustration, and prototyping tools; experience shipping Software as a Service (SaaS) products; excellent collaboration skills

#flexible #leadershipopportunity #establishedcompany

Senior UX Designer

Shopify standardizes and streamlines data infrastructure with a single platform. 

Requirements: proficiency in English and Mandarin at a business level; knowledge and familiarity with a data-informed approach to design; an understanding that great experiences come from collaborative decision-making with other disciplines

#friendlycowroker #greatperks #bigcompany

Senior Product Designer

Veeqo is a non-profit, open-source community initiative for developing higher education administrative systems that provided better long-term alternatives to what was available.

Requirements: 5+ years of experience as a designer of software products; familiarity with design and prototyping tools (they use Figma); experience designing for B2B SAAS products

#flexible #smallteam #startup

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