UX Weekly: LinkedIn Headlines, A Designer’s Calendar, and Nailing that 1st UX job

This week’s UX roundup has 3 UX articles, 3 design tools, 2 design quotes, 1 UX book recommendation, and 5 remote UX jobs.

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UX designers, your Linkedin headline matters a lot; here is how you can make it better

During college, I paid very little attention to my LinkedIn – it had a reputation of being a “professional” Facebook. While my Business-major friends scored internships through in-person and online opportunities, I simply maintained an account. As I began my UX career, I revisited LinkedIn as a tool I could leverage my visibility on. I read the LinkedIn Profile Guide for UX Beginners and crafted this beautiful piece below.

“UX Designer. Visual Enthusiast. Seeking UX Opportunities.” I have ‘UX designer’ as a searchable keyword and include that I was seeking opportunities in my headline.

However, according to Samuel Harper, I can elevate my headline by revising “visual enthusiast” to “weekly newsletter curator for UX Beginner”. This addition would serve as a nice attraction to my profile viewers.

The Enigma of the Designer’s Calendar

With only 24 hours in a day, it’s a challenge to squeeze in everything you want to do. In order to maintain a solid balance between work and life, it’s important to look at how you spend your time at work. 

Hareen Mannan invites us to #ReclaimYourCalendar by first looking at what is actually schedule. Then, she prompts you to think about what goes on between the next meeting… For example, are you prepping for the next call? Are you catching up on work? Upon seeing how these things coexist, she offers a solution to find balance. 

Consider using “DNS” or “do not schedule” for timeslots that you want to set aside to work on projects. This means that you will not accept any meetings during this timeslot and will dedicate full-focus to work. I would add that this timeslot should be at least 2 hours because sometimes, it takes 20-30 minutes to gather yourself and get into the groove so being aware of that will provide more time to be engaged with work. 

Seven takeaways that will help you nail your first UI/UX job

During my job search, I sent hundreds of applications into black holes with no replies before realizing I needed to change up my approach and strategy. Ducan Lane shares 7 tips to help nail down the first UI/UX job: 

  1. Start by reading the job descriptions. Do the job duties and requirements match what you want to be doing?
  2. Getting to know recruiters – networking with recruiters will help you uncover who they are hiring for.
  3. What is the Process – is there a design test? Who will you be speaking with?
  4. Attending Meetups – this one is a little tricky right now but there are still many online communities that you can join and network with! 
  5. The importance of research – understanding the company, what they do, and what their company culture looks like are important pieces in helping you figure out what they are hiring for. 
  6. What is the current Market – know what your desired is; if you don’t base it off of the market number so that you’re not selling yourself for less.
  7. What’s on your list – aside from wanting the job, what are skill areas you’d like to develop and how can the company you’re applying to help you reach that goal. 

💎 UX Nuggets 💎

Design tips & tools

Practicing good UI by following popular app standards? The definitive guide to standardize the UI Components naming → UI Guideline

A small collection of Figma times to help better your design workflow. → Awesome Figma Tips

Read inspiring personal stories for fellow designers → Design x Us

Design quotes

“If you can properly define the problem, then you’ve already defined the solution as well. ”

Chip Kidd

“There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

Milton Glaser

UX podcast episode 

In episode 241 of UX Podcast, James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom discuss “privacy privilege” with the help of 2 articles: Check your privacy privilege and The design systems between us.  →  #241 Privacy privilege


UX video

Laith Wallace shares some key interview tips to help improve the chances of success in your next UX design interview.  → UX Design Interview Tips for Success

Design book

Dale Carnegie, a world-renowned expert in achieving corporate success, writes, “[T]he only way on earth to influence other people is to talk about what they want and show them how to get it.”  → How to Win Friends and Influence People


UX Designer

10up is an agency that makes finely crafted websites, apps, and tools using open platforms like WordPress.

Requirements: 3+ years of experience with information architecture, interaction design, user experience design, or similar field; strong understanding of web interactions: patterns best practices, common challenges, etc; collaborative mindset.

#flexible #unicornpotential #friendlycoworkers

Product Designer

Tock is a reservation, table, and event management system used by restaurants, wineries, and bars around the world.

Requirements: understand the capabilities and limitations of HTML, CSS, and Javascript; driven by metrics, data, and research while always empathizing with the user; create beautiful, high-fidelity designs. 

#startup #smallteam #greatperks

Remote Senior UX Positions

Senior Accessibility Designer

Ad Hoc is a digital service company that helps the federal government better serve people. 

Requirements: must be a U.S. Citizen; strong knowledge of Section 508, WCAG 2.0, and accessibility best practices; systems-level thinking, design skills (comfortable with tools and fluency with basic concepts)

#bigcompany #greatperks #flexible

Senior UX Designer

Shopify standardizes and streamlines data infrastructure with a single platform. 

Requirements: proficiency in English and Mandarin at a business level; knowledge and familiarity with a data-informed approach to design; an understanding that great experiences come from collaborative decision-making with other disciplines

#friendlycowroker #greatperks #bigcompany

Senior UX Designer

Mattermost is a flexible, open-source messaging platform that enables secure team collaboration.

Requirements: 5+ years of hands-on user experience and visual design in software industry with a strong focus on responsive design for cloud-first desktop/browser applications; strong visual design sense

#friendlycoworkers #greatperks #flexible

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