UX Weekly: Work hard and be nuanced, Leading with craft, and Scaling your professional growth

This week’s UX roundup has 2 UX articles, 3 design tools, 1 design quote, 1 UX book recommendation, and 9 remote UX jobs.

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This week’s UX roundup has 2 UX articles, 3 design tools, 2 design quotes, 1 UX book recommendation, and 9 remote UX jobs. Want updates? Sign up for the UX newsletter here.


[article] Leading with craft — a series about hands-on career paths in our industry

So you’ve landed your first UX job, now what? As a designer, there are several career paths that you can choose from down the road: representing the design viewpoint in leadership, becoming a product manager, or continuing as a designer. 

Naturally, you’ll need some time to practice in the industry – anywhere between 3 to 5 years, going from a junior to a mid-level, then senior designer or researcher before making the big decision. Additionally, you can specialize in a niche after narrowing down your skills and interests from being a design generalist. 

In this UX Collective series, people from various UX disciplines share their career journeys and how they practice their craft. Their goal is to remind young designers that while they climb the ladder to seniority, success, and higher salaries, design should always still be at the heart of their passion. 

[IG post] A recent UX Beginner post on slightly discouraging pieces of advice to say to new UXers → 5 things career transitioners don’t want to hear about UX design

[design tool] A small collection of online tools for all your design needs: SVG compressor, fake data generator, symbols collection, and more! → Omatsuri

[podcast] Overtime’s host, Meg Lewis, discusses in this episode the notion that everything is so nuanced that two opposing things can be true at the same time. Listen to how this is possible and rethink about your 2020 plans thus far → Work Hard & Be Nuanced on the Internet

[article] 5 tips to scale your UX professional growth

Just because you’ve gotten your foot into the door doesn’t mean it stops there. Here are 5 tips to help UX designers continue growing and avoid stalling in their progress:

  1. Seek feedback – find someone you trust who is willing to provide you with honest critiques to help you better your work.
  2. Continue learning – there are so many free resources available online from books to podcasts and videos to take your design passion to the next leave.
  3. Engage with UX communities – while this is trickier now without in-person meetups, many groups have moved online to continue to help professionals keep networking.
  4. Be a mentor – there’s a saying that goes “if you can explain it, you understand it better” so by being a mentor, you can continue to learn while influencing others!
  5. Speed up your progress – take up new opportunities, big or small, when they come along.The experience will expand your perspective. 

Design is really an act of communication, which means having a deep understanding of the person with whom the designer is communicating.

Don Norman

5 female design-entrepreneurs share how to communicate your design decisions and influence design in your organization no matter where you are in your design career → The Makeup of Design Leadership

[design tool] Stuck between 2 fonts? Tiff can help you come to a decision by comparing them capitalized and lowercase letters of fonts sideways or overlay. → Tiff

[book] Here’s a book you should read if you ever find yourself at the extreme ends of either being too aggressive or too empathetic. While it could be argued that neither extremes of the spectrum are “that bad”, this book provides practical advice and suggestions to provide well-balanced feedback with your collaborators. → Radical Candor

[design tool] Try this browser-based 3D design tool if you’re looking to create and customize some 3D work → Vectary


Visual Designer

Punchcut is a digital product design and innovation company specializing in seamless experience design across future-forward devices and services. 

Requirements: 2+ years experience in digital design for mobile, television, tablet, web and software; portfolio to demonstrate creative work; understanding of mobile platforms and UI presentation-layer technology

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Content Strategist

Skylight is a digital consultancy using design, technology, and procurement to help agencies deliver better public services.

Requirements: demonstrated ability to write clear, engaging, accessible, and informative text for websites and digital products; ability to adapt quickly and to be resourceful if constraints arise; ability to analyze user, stakeholder, and project needs and develop and execute a relevant content strategy

#smallteam #startup #greatperks

Product Designer

Tock is a reservation, table, and event management system used by restaurants, wineries, and bars around the world.

Requirements: understand the capabilities and limitations of HTML, CSS, and Javascript; driven by metrics, data, and research while always empathizing with the user; create beautiful, high-fidelity designs. 

#startup #smallteam #greatperks

Product Designer

Thycotic protects companies from cyber-attacks by developing innovative technologies that secure privileged accounts across the modern enterprise.

Requirements: bachelor’s degree (or equivalent experience) in Visual Design or Human-Computer Interaction; a portfolio of professional work’ 508 or WAGs 2.0 compliance knowledge; experience with fact-paced SaaS/B2B organization

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Remote Senior UX Positions

Product Lead, UX & Apps

Ledger Investing provides an exciting opportunity to earn a high return through insurance investing.

Requirements: 5+ years of product management experience; exceptional written and verbal communication skills; experience working on or leading a remote team; understanding of best in class UX and UI design.

#greatperks #flexible #leadershipopportunity

Senior UX/UI Designer

Echobind is a software development consultancy that brings together the best developers, designers, and strategists to build your app.

Requirements: 5+ years of experience designing with a strong portfolio of design work; proficiency with leading design software such as Figma, Whimsical, and Adobe Creative Suite

#flexible #startup #greatperks

Senior Product Designer

Box business of all sizes – in every industry – securely access and manage their critical information in the cloud.

Requirements: 5+ years of experience designing with a strong portfolio of design work; proficiency with leading design software such as Creative Suite, Sketch and other prototyping tools

#bigcompany #greatperks #friendlycoworkers

Senior Visual Designer

Teaching.com builds fun and engaging educational apps that make learning and teaching fun.

Requirements: 7+ years of designing games or applications, ideally for the web and a strong portfolio; passion for game development and working with small teams’ comfortable working in git-based workflows

#startup #smallteam #unicornpotential

Senior Visual Designer

Artisan is a digital staffing agency.

Requirements: 3+ years of experience including some digital product, service, or app design; working knowledge of Asana, Slack, Zoom, Sketch, InVision, and strong proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite

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