UX Career Newsletter: Getting into UX at Age 40

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You’re reading the UX Career Newsletter, a series that teaches you something new about UX design every week.

These are this week’s UX lessons that are worth your time:

1. A guide to becoming a UX Designer at 40 
3 years ago, Guy Ligertwood stepped into a UX bootcamp and fought the uphill battle to land his first job in UX. Most of the article is standard fare of how to get into UX design (books, conferences, learning), but it’s just damn inspiring to know of someone who hustled despite his age AND being a busy husband + dad.

Here’s his story:  https://www.invisionapp.com/blog/become-ux-designer/

2. The Basics of Recruiting Users for Usability Testing
Got a project and need live users to test your product? This article laws down the foundations. Good takeaway: By involving extreme and mainstream users in the research stage, however, you can improve your chances for latching with your true target users later.

Here’s the link: https://www.interaction-design.org/literature/article/the-basics-of-recruiting-users-for-usability-testing

3. How to enhance mobile interactions with sound design
I love that little “typing” sound that goes on in Messenger. Read about how Will Littlejohn (real last name), Sound Director @ Facebook (real job), incorporates sound design into Facebooks’ apps.

Here’s the article: https://medium.com/facebook-design/how-to-enhance-mobile-interactions-with-sound-design-3c3b30e98177

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