UX Weekly: Visual Design Best Practice and Design Portfolio Red Flags

This week’s UX roundup has 2 article highlights, 2 design tools, 1 design quote, 1 UX book recommendation, and 8 remote UX jobs.

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This week’s UX roundup has 2 article highlights, 2 design tools, 1 design quote, 1 UX book recommendation, and 8 remote UX jobs. Want updates? Sign up for the UX newsletter here.

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10 Essential Visual Design Best Practice for Beginners

Visual design is the first impression of your product to the viewer. Studies have shown that we have 50 milliseconds before users have made their first judgments on our products. Here as some ways that we can capture the users before they lose interest: 

  1. Do Learn How to Create Effective Color Palettes – using your understanding of color emotions and color associations, practice creating color combinations with powerful meaning. 
  2. Don’t Be Afraid to Pair Fonts –  good font pairings is like wine and cheese or peanut butter and jelly! 
  3. Do Use Images to Break Up Text – images are worth a thousand words so by adding an image, you are enhancing the user’s (visual) experience. 
  4. Do Create a Coherent Layout – to minimize user learnability on your product, make sure that your layout is easy to follow and is similar to other products they may be used to using. 
  5. Do Make Ample Use of Whitespace – generous white space gives the readers an easier cognitive load and allows for your design to be more elegant and clean. 

Check out the article for the full list of 10 essential visual design best practices! 


Do you want to cancel payment?

If you have to re-read the prompt to make sure you get your choices straight, perhaps the problem isn’t you… It’s the design’s fault!


How to create dreamy color blurs in Adobe Illustrator

Blurry gradient-like effects are a nice touch to add to a design to bring a pop of color. Here’s a quick tutorial to get started on your own gradients using the Mesh Tool.


The Address Book

99% Invisible is a design show narrated by Roman Mars where he discusses various design stories. This podcast is a conversation about the address book as it relates to information architecture. However, over a billion people in the world who do not have an address… So how would we find them? 


Avoid These 5 Red Flags in Your Design Portfolio

  1. Projects are inconsistent – when putting together your portfolio, you want to make sure that your projects are consistent at highlighting your strengths – visuals, branding, research, etc. 
  2. No context for your work – make sure you explain the ‘why’ behind your design because it shows your design process and all the hard work that went into your projects.
  3. Lack of personal branding – your personal brand is the ‘what’ that you’d bring to the team so if you have clear goals and a target audience, you’ll be able to impress your viewer! 
  4. Your process is missing – showing process includes design thinking, and how you develop your awesome ideas; this is how you can demonstrate a firm grasp on your methods. 
  5. The PDF portfolio – an online portfolio is highly preferred over a PDF portfolio because it can be a more full and interactive experience for the viewer. 


“Rule of thumb for UX: More options, more problems.”

Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer


The Evolution of Google Signup Form

A quick visual video on how Google Signup Form has changed since 2005 to present (2020). For a full analysis of the changes, check out The Evolution of The Google Sign Up Form: The Mirror Of The Internet’s Development


Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World–and Why Things Are Better Than You Think

As a designer, this book helps you learn about your thinking and how it is biased. This is important because we deal with a lot of data to create personas and come up with ideas and edits to products. Understanding that our thoughts are biased makes us aware that sometimes, what we assume is happening is not actually what the user experiences.



Sketchsheets is an open source collection of printable templates of devices for wireframing and prototyping. 


UX Designer

American Family Insurance is an insurance company driven by customers and employees.

Requirements: demonstrated experience planning, designing, and building complex websites and mobile experiences; solid knowledge and understanding of usability best practices, information architecture principles, interaction design concepts, etc.

#bigcompany #friendlycoworkers #learningopportunity

Visual & Interaction Designer

Hotjar democratizes site analytics and feedback by making it affordable and accessible to everyone.

Requirements: 4+ years of experience in product design and user-centric practices; solid experience writing component documentation; mastery of Figma and other design tools; natural inclination to always think MVP first

#greatperks #flexible #international

Mobile UX Designer

Mattermost is a flexible, open-source messaging platform that enables secure team collaboration.

Requirements: 5+ years of hands-on design experience in the software industry with a strong focus on mobile and mobile web applications; strong background in interaction design

#friendlycoworkers #greatperks #flexible

Product Designer

Skylight is a digital consultancy using design, technology, and procurement to help agencies deliver better public services.

Requirements: 4+ years of experience designing web (and/or mobile) applications; proverbial T-shaped designer with a solid core competence in UX and interaction design; online portfolio that showcases products that shipped

#smallteam #startup #greatperks

UX Designer

Oddball is a digital agency providing support to federal clients.

Requirements: understanding of and ability to design 508 compliant solutions; experience working in Agile development environments; capable of taking direction from senior leadership and translating into concrete next steps and actions

#greatperks #smallteam

Remote Senior UX Positions

Senior Visual Designer

HackerRank is a skills-based hiring platform provider. 

Requirements: 5+ years of Graphic Design experience;an outstanding online portfolio of work in every medium from Digital to Social and Web Design; expert in Adobe Creative Suite and Figma; superior attention to detail; react quickly and thoroughly to changes and deadlines in a fast-paced environment

#greatperks #unicornpotential #flexible

Senior Product Designer

Babylist helps expecting parents get exactly what they need for the arrival of their new baby

Requirements: 5+ years of product design experience; worked on consumer products in marketplaces, services, or eCommerce where you had to address the needs of multiple user groups and manage complex user journeys 

#flexible #greatperks #startup

Senior UX Designer

Shopify standardizes and streamlines data infrastructure with a single platform. 

Requirements: experience designing and shipping product experiences for international audiences, with a focus on India; deep understanding of the end-to-end iterative UX process, including personas, scenarios, wireframing, content modeling, prototyping, user research, and design systems

#friendlycoworkers #greatperks #bigcompany

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