[UX Weekly] How to get a UX Job in 4 Easy Steps

Plus: 3 design tools, 14 remote UX jobs, and a quiet Cyber Monday sale

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This week’s UX roundup has 2 article highlights, 3 design tools, 1 design quote, 1 UX book recommendation, and 14 remote UX jobs.

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How to get a UX Job in 4 Easy Steps


This UX Beginner exclusive coming to you in the nick of time. As the holidays come around and then year (finally) comes to an end, UX job postings are starting to be listed to squeeze in a new team member before ringing in the new year. 

We’re biased, but Step 3 in the article is most important. 

And there you have it! Get out there and start applying to some of those jobs! (See the end of the newsletter for a short list of remote jobs to get you started!)

Four different cat memes, one in each corner with text reading "How to Get A UX Job in 4 Easy Steps".

Generating ideas with Crazy 8’s


Having trouble brainstorming ideas with your team? Do some Crazy 8’s! Crazy 8’s is a fast sketching exercise that challenges people to sketch eight ideas in eight minutes. Check out our post to see more! 

Screenshot from UX Beginner's Instagram account. Text reads "Consider doing Crazy 8"s with you team to generate ideas! Here is how"

UI Design Challenge Generator


Looking to improve your UI design skills? UI coach generates UI challenges for you that include a project idea, color palette, font pairings, and illustration library. This is an easy, self-paced tool for you to casually create projects to add to your portfolio. 

Screenshot of UI Coach's UI design challenge generator. Simply click on "Generate challenge" fo a random project idea, color palette, font pairing, and illustrations library.

FITA Spotlight UX (Online)


Back by popular demand, this event will take place on December 8, 2020 from 12:00pm to 5:00pm EDT with six speakers from companies like Adobe, Etsy and Shopify sharing their amazing talks and Q&A. Not going to make all of it? No worries! The talks will be recorded and you can view content afterwards. 

Screenshot of FITC Spotlight UX (Online) registration page.



I’ve seen this app surfacing around in a few places now and I decided to give it a try and OMG it’s kinda, really awesome! ClipDrop copies and masks objects for your editing ease. You can then plop the image into your workspace such as Figma, Sketch, or Photoshop and then continue your workflow.  

Sample of ClipDrop where you can point camera at some text to copy just words.

Intention Setting To Power Design

This episode from Dribbble’s weekly podcast, Overtime, with Meg Lewis, we’re listening to intentions and what feel-good social media is. She references TikTok as a popular social media platform where you can really love it or hate it. People love it because they’re consuming quick design tips and artwork. But at the same time, people hate it because sometimes, the content doesn’t appeal to them. Regardless, it’s got a huge cult-trending because of the feel-good vibes. 

How to be a design mentor at every level of your career


My high school calculus teacher always taught us that if we are able to explain how and why we arrived at the correct answer, we were one step closer to mastering how to solve that particular question type on the AP test. Similarly in the design industry, if you share something you had to learn, you would practice your knowledge of the skill and help someone else learn something new! 

I love this article because it builds confidence for designers at all levels to share knowledge with each other. UX Beginners and junior designers, YOU can be a design mentor too! You have the most up-to-date knowledge of the current industry standards, trends, and preferences that you’re practicing for a job interview or working on to complete a portfolio project. 

(image from original article) pink flower growing in the dirt

“Your old site is the best prototype of your new site.” 

Hoa Loranger, former VP at Nielsen Norman Group


How to Create Human Protective Technology by Aza Raskin


Aza Raskin is a co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology, which is a leading effort that seeks to realign technology with humanity’s best interests. This is a talk at Slush 2018 where Aza discusses how humans are susceptible to hacking, inaccurate information, and conforming to what they’re being told whether true or false. 

Look Both Ways: Illustrated Essays on the Intersection of Life and Design


Debbie Millman is a respected branding consultant and design community leader. In her book, she has a series of essays that look at the close relationship between design and everyday things. Some of the topics included in the book are life, art, love, design, brands, and even physics. 

Look Both Ways: Illustrated Essays on the Intersection of Life and Design book cover.



UXArchive requires a free account signup for you to access mobile UX trends from the world’s top apps such as YouTube Music, Lyft, and more. Screens are broken up into categories such as home, sharing, settings, and more for you to get inspiration for your projects. 

UX Archive website screenshot with text reading "The world's largest library of mobile user flows".


Mentor – UI/UX Design Course

Springboard offers part-time bootcamps that help learners launch their new tech careers. 

Requirements: proficiency in topics covered in UI/UX Career Track; 3+ years of relevant work experience and portfolio to demonstrate; available for weekly, 30-minute video check-ins with students

#flexible #part-time #mentorshipopportunity

UI/UX Designer

Krit helps startups plan, build, and ship web and mobile apps.

Requirements: produce wireframes and high-fidelity interactive prototypes for new products and features; conducting user interviews and analyzing analytics data to guide clients on design direction; basic experience with HTML & CSS

#highpaying #greatperks #flexible

Product Designer

Tinybeans is a must-have app for every parent that helps them create a keepsake to last a lifetime.

Requirements: an online portfolio; ability to advocate for UI consistency and accessibility; experience designing one multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Web, and Email) is preferred; excited about working in a fast-paced, dynamic startup environment

#smallteam #friendlycoworkers #greatperks

Visual Designer

Deel’s goal is to offer every company that hires remote talents with a one-stop-shop that makes onboarding, global compliance, and payments easy.

Requirements: have experience building websites; experienced in illustrations and infographics; can work independently (self-starting) and within a team; have lead brand redesigns from scratch

#international #greatperks #flexible

Junior Product Designer

Contra is a community that connects freelancers to independent work.

Requirements: keen interest in product (UX/UI) but also enjoy marking and brand design; experience working in a remote-first environment; excellent communication skills

#flexible #startup

Product Designer

Shogun supports various e-commerce brands. 

Requirements: portfolio to showcase product design work in a similar industry; comfortable exploring data and interpreting results’ experience designing on a remote team

#startup #flexible #unicornpotential

Product Designer

Gubagoo is a fast-growing messenger and commerce solution for automotive dealers. 

Requirements: experience in designing software products (mobile, desktop, tablet); understanding the whole product life cycle; ability to create beautiful interface experiences using Figma and other tools for animations 

#bigcompany #friendlycoworkers #unicornpotential

🎓 Remote Senior UX Positions 

Senior Product Designer

GoDaddy is the world’s largest web services platform, and most outspoken champion, for everyday entrepreneurs around the globe.

Requirements: competent with HTML/CSS; ability to lead design discussions and brainstorming that encourages peer and stakeholder contributions; high degree of independence and autonomy, requiring little data-to-day instruction; experience working in Figma, including libraries, prototypes, components, and auto-layout

#greatperks #friendlycoworkers #bigcompany

Senior UX Designer

CloudBees’ mission is “to enable our customers to deliver software at the speed of ideas”.

Requirements: 6+ years of experience as a UX designer, interaction designer, product designer or similar; proven experience designing technical SaaS products with large feature sets or complex dashboard; basic understanding of HTML & CSS

#unicornpotential #friendlycoworkers #bigcompany

Senior Product Designer

Kustomer is the omnichannel SaaS platform reimagining enterprise customer service to deliver standout experiences.

Requirements: 4+ years of hands-on UX/UI/Product design experience solving complex user problems backed with research; ability to create elegant, functional designs that live up to “pixel-perfect” standards; solid communication skills

#friendlycoworkers #bigcompany

Senior Web Designer, eCommerce

Toast, Inc. is a cloud-based restaurant software company.

Requirements: proficiency with Sketch, Figma, Adobe Creative Cloud, and InVision; advanced experience in digital design, with examples of eCommerce design; ability to turn wireframes into a functional design, working knowledge of HTML and CSS

#greatperks #friendlycoworkers #bigcompany

Senior UX Designer

Khoros is a provider of community management, social media marketing software.

Requirements: 6-10 years experience in three of more of the following areas of practice: interaction design, visual design, inclusivity (accessibility/A11y) design, prototyping, UX research; solid command of Sketch and InVision; grasp of HTML and CSS

#greatperks #bigcompany #startup

Lead Product Designer

PingCAP is An open-source, cloud-native, distributed SQL database for elastic scale and real-time analytics.

Requirements: 5+ years of design experience with an in-depth understanding of SaaS platform products; a portfolio that demonstrates ability to create effective user-centered design solutions; working knowledge of industry standard design software (i.e Sketch, Figma, Adobe CS, Invision, or other UX related tools).

#greatperks #bigcompany #friendlycoworkers

Principal Product Designer

Elastic is an open source search company that powers enterprise search, observability, and security solutions built on one technology stack that can be deployed anywhere.

Requirements: well developed product design skills using Figma; React, JavaScript/TypeScript, and Ruby/Rail; extensive experience owning product design for a well-designed, at-scale software product

#greatperks #bigcompany #unicornpotential

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