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Feedback is your friend. [How to handle a design review]

As a UX Designer, you will get all sorts of feedback in every phase of your career. There are many key stakeholders in designing a product and their feedback is valuable. 

If you’re not used critiques, this process can be a bit intimidating. Kristine Yuen gives sage advice on how to handle a design review. Hint: it’s all about facilitation and communication… and maybe a little bit of practice.

UX Design Processes [*Exclusive UXB Read*]

Wondering what is design thinking? It’s simply problem solving using the design process. Designer Kim Chung walks through different UX Design Processes, while focusing on the stages common across those processes – Empathize, Define, Ideate, Design, Test and Iterate. A great UX refresher for career changers and design pros alike.

What’s up, (copy) doc? [Get the template here]

As more companies realize the need for UX writers and content designers on their teams, it’s becoming more important to get organized with copy. Andrea Drugay introduces the idea of a copy doc – a term borrowed from the advertising world where there is a one-stop source of truth for all the copy in a project. She gives great reasons on why we should create a copy doc and how to create one on Google Docs.

It’s all in the mind… [8 UX psychology hacks]

User Experience & Psychology had always gone hand in hand. Users are the center of UX. They are human beings driven by motivation and emotions. In this Usability Geek article, you’ll learn 8 hacks based on psychological techniques that will help you become a better UX designer or at the very least – have more empathy for fellow humans.

2020 is upon us [Top 5 UX trends for next year.]

December is a great time to reflect on the past  year. It’s also a great time to anticipate what’s to come next in our ever-changing field of tech & UX. Check out InVision’s predictions of the top 5 UX trends for 2020. Their last prediction is interesting – “Stronger demand for specialized UX professionals.” 

💩Bad UX Example: Awkward deleted messages

It happens to the best of us. You send a message on WhatsApp while you had too much to drink. Or maybe you were distracted and auto-correct went rogue. Whatever the reason is, this message should be removed and buried. Good thing WhatsApp lets you delete messages, right? Well here’s what happens when you delete a message (or nine):

Okay, fine. It’s not the worst-case scenario. The recipient will not be able to read the message. Whew… but wait. Why should it tell them that there were deleted messages in the first place? Users expect deleted messages to be removed. If you consider adding a delete feature on a messaging app, it should leave no trace whatsoever. This just makes things more awkward. 

It just goes to show that everything on the internet lives forever one way or another. There is no CTRL (or Command) + Z in real life. Think twice before you press Send!


Who has ever browsed through a government site thinking if it was hard-coded in the 90s? CivicActions is a mission-minded company focused on transforming government through modern software practices. They’re looking for a UX Designer (preferably in the US) who can create or leverage design to meet user, business and technical needs. If you want to help develop digital services for large federal and state government agencies, and the people they serve, then this may be for you.

Awesome Motive is the development team behind WPBeginner, OptinMonster, MonsterInsights, WPForms and SeedProd, just to name a few. They’re looking for an intermediate UI/UX Designer that can create user-focused designs for conversion and ease of use. You should consider checking this out if you already have a few projects under your belt.

If you are based in the UK, this might be up your alley. Rail Europe is currently looking for a UK-based UI-UX Designer. While this is not a remote position, there’s a lot of flexibility in working hours or from their posh office in London.

Kraken is one of the largest and oldest Bitcoin exchanges in the world. They’re looking for a UI Designer who can work remotely based in North America, South America and EMEA. If Fintech is your jam, you’ll definitely have a blast being part of the Product Design team for Cryptowatch.

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