UX 2019: That’s a “wrap”!

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Hear ye, Hear ye [Why Spotify’s “Wrapped” Feature is the Growth Hack of this Decade]

Spotify topped our holiday season with a cherry-on-top by releasing a personalized ‘Your Decade Wrapped’ that has been trending on all social media platforms. It’s no surprise that Spotify’s got their users hooked – they’re on-top of their usability integrations. With their latest features, their user audience has only continued to increase. Not only are you able to engage high shareability by seamless sharing to Instagram, but new users are also acquired by following linked content. 

Spotify’s mission is clear: “to help people listen to whatever music they want, whenever they want, wherever they want—in a completely legal and accessible way.” Their efforts to improve engagement and retention in the app via social capabilities have proven that strong UX equates to strong company growth. 

It’s all just a numbers game. [Data-driven UX with Google Analytics]

With the growing demand for quantitative and analytical-driven (user) research in the field of UX, designers and researchers are looking to Google Analytics to elevate their data. 

If you’ve never used Google Analytics before (it’s totally free to create an account!), Vernon Joyce walks through relevant features and links valuable resources to unpack various use cases. While this tool can be very useful for pooling copious amounts of data points, as a UX professional, it’s still up to us to discover the insights to solve the problem. 

So what do you do again? [3 ways to explain UX design to normal people (muggles)]

The holidays are coming up and we all know that Aunt Sally is going to be asking “So what is it that you do again?” for the third year in a row. To prepare ourselves to adequately explain to our friends and family what it is that we do, James Fite shares his 3 methods to communicate our work: 

  1. Bridging the connection between technology and people
  2. Researching people to understand them

And if the previous 2 explanations fail…

  1. Creating websites

Bad UX Example: Apple’s storage management system

Imagine this: it’s Christmas morning – the family is gathered together in good company and opening presents. Towards the end of all the hugs and gifts, your daughter’s boyfriend pulls out one last small gift. He starts to get on his one knee before her and you pull out your new iPhone Xs to capture these priceless, candid moments when you are confronted with this message: 

Why this is bad UX: Aside from missing those precious moments deserve to be captured on camera and cherished forever, your “smartphone” didn’t indicate what the options are here. To make things worse, the warning couldn’t have come at a more time-sensitive moment. The options presented don’t tell you how many pictures need to be deleted immediately capture the present… Unless you navigate into ‘Settings’ and poke around. But given the lack of information between ‘Done’ and ‘Settings’ most likely you’d become frustrated with your phone.

Aside from ‘Cannot Take Photo’ Apple is notorious for other annoying features such as the constant nag for updates which eventually slows down your phone or the reminders about the iCloud storage being full. 

Some key takeaways: Inform users by giving them options to create space and make their own decisions; don’t assume that the system is providing the user with the best option.  

Remote UX Jobs

Looking for a company that is 100% remote? GitLab is an open core company with a heavy emphasis on open-source and content-sharing. Similar to GitHub, it’s a web-based repository manager that allows teams to collaborate on code by duplicating, editing, and merging. They’re looking for Product Designers in their Configure and Secure as well as Senior Product Designers in CI/CD, Search, and Secure

*GitLab’s teams are broken up into 13 Stage Groups detailed in their handbook

1Password is looking for a Web UI designer to join their team! Based out of Toronto, this remote job is looking for a proficient Sketch designer who’s up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques, and technologies to add deliberate design decisions on their team. Make sure you have a portfolio with some awesome projects to show off when applying! A competitor to Google, DuckDuckGo has a mission of setting a new privacy standard by establishing trust online. They’re looking for a Lead Product Designer. This is a seasoned position for someone who will collaborate and mentor team members to closing major product gaps and exploring user pain points. If you have 7+ years of product design experience with 2+ years of leadership experience and are looking to grow in the ladder of management, this might be the job for you.

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