UX Career Newsletter: Startup Stock Options – Are They Worth Anything?

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1. Startup stock options: are they worth anything?
“Well, we also offer equity…” Might be something you’ve heard before when negotiating a UX design offer with a startup. TL;DR (meaning too long; didn’t read) Options is true to its name, by giving you a realistic look of at how meaningful those stock options you’re getting are worth.

Here’s the link: https://tldroptions.io/

2. How to get design experience without experience
The chicken or egg problem – you need experience to get a gig/job, but how do you get that experience in the first place? Sony designer Richard Yang has many good ideas in this article about generating your own design experience with self-initiated projects.

Here’s Richard’s story: https://medium.muz.li/how-to-get-design-experience-without-experience-afa693f14e62

3. Shopify’s approach to design systems
Interested in how companies scale their design efforts? Study their design systems. Shopify’s Polaris is not only a pleasure to read through, but it’s comprehensive – covering content strategy, visual design, reusable components and more.

Here’s the design system: https://polaris.shopify.com/

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