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1. How do we design designers (video)
Three years ago, Jared Spool shared a meta-level talk about how to design a better educational experience to create the next generation of designers. Whether you sign up for Center Centre (a 2 year program in UX) or not, this video shares Spool’s philosophy on how designers should get trained (hint: mainly projects).

Some highlights:

  • “One of the things hiring managers complain about is that people coming out of school don’t know how to work 8 hour days.”
  • Did you know that Verizon rejected selling the iPhone because it was inconsistent to their user experience (at the time)? Super interesting.

Here’s the video: https://vimeo.com/94513377

2. Dos and don’ts on designing for accessibility
Government agencies aren’t usually known for their UX (I’m looking at you, DMV), but I admire Gov.UK’s commitment to usability. They publish several accessibility checklists on how to design for the dyslexic, hard of hearing, motor disabilities and more.

Here’s the article: https://accessibility.blog.gov.uk/2016/09/02/dos-and-donts-on-designing-for-accessibility/

3. Why it should be UX-UI instead of UI-UX
It always bugs me when I see “UI/UX” in job titles. Not only because of the slash implying its the same thing, but it’s putting the user interface in front of the user experience, which seems backwards to me.

This article explains why “UI-UX” is like putting form before function, which we as UX designers should avoid.

Read it on Medium: https://medium.com/@ranitsanyal/why-it-should-be-ux-ui-instead-of-ui-ux-da6279da6019

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