UX Career Newsletter: Should you design for free?

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It’s a hot balmy day in Los Angeles. You’re sippin’ on an ice latte in the lull of the afternoon and want to get some good UX training in on an extended bathroom break. Here it is, this week’s TUT: learn about consumer design, free work (or not) and how EA approaches their UX process. I think you’ll dig it.

Should you do free design work? (New UX Beginner Article)

Why is it that some new designers could leverage free design work to get amazing (paid) gigs later…and that other designers will vehemently say never, ever should you design for free?

It’s all about what value is being exchanged. I explore some reasons to, and not to, offer your UX design work at no charge.

Read it here: http://www.uxbeginner.com/doing-free-ux-design-work/

UX Research @ Electronic Arts (30 min video)

Great video if you’re interested in how game companies approach UX.

Veronica Zammito of gaming giant EA shares her methods of integrating UX research with the game production process. At minute 26:00 she shares an idea about having a Centralized UX Research practice, in which a hub of experts synthesize & share learnings with the rest of the team.

Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-skDiuvH56E

Consumer Experience Design (article with useful CX stats)

When people think about user experience, it’s mostly associated with how user-friendly a product is. But considering the consumer experience – all parts of the service not just tied to a product’s UX – can be the difference between being an innovator or dead dinosaur.

“In order to survive and thrive companies need to first understand what people have come to expect from the products they choose. Then to design for the new consumer experience, not just the user experience.”

Here’s the article: https://www.developertown.com/consumer-design/

PS how many of you are reading this while on the toilet?

Keep learnin’,

Oz / UX Coach @ UXBeginner.com

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