Top UX Communities & Groups

Whether you’re completely new to UX, or a professional in the field looking for tips, joining an online community is a great place to ask for possible solutions, stay on top of trends, and connect with others with a common interest!

Here's a curated list of the best user experience communities online, including UX Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Slack Groups and individual forums.

Community PlatformSizeDescription
Give Good UX Company of Friendsbest-ux-design-communities-groups-Give Good UX Company of FriendsFacebook6,000+The Give Good UX Company of Friends community on Facebook is exactly that: a group of friends! The group is designed to offer its members a platform to ask questions, opinions, share their current struggles, and offer others feedback, support, and motivation in their UX work and career goals.
UX Researchers Association best-ux-design-communities-groups-UX Researchers AssociationFacebook500+If you’re interested in the research aspect of UX Design, the UX Researchers Association, is great group to ask questions, or seek advice on some great resources (lots of members post links to great UX articles). The group primarily consists of those who do research to discuss topics regarding research design and methodology - also the inevitable job posting!
UX Beginner: Design Communitybest-ux-communties-groups-ux-beginner-facebookFacebook2,'s official design community focused on helping those transitioning into the field of UX. Topics range from career advice, career path after graduation, and Q&A about UX skills. Full of helpful, good natured people :)
User Experience (UX) Designbest-ux-design-communities-groups-User Experience (UX) DesignLinkedIn9,000+This (large) LinkedIn community is made of UX professionals from around the world. Majority of the members share articles related to the state of UX, newest insights from research, and even announcements of UX conferences.
Design Thinking Groupbest-ux-design-communities-groups-Design Thinking GroupLinkedIn60,000+The Design Thinking Group is a great way to stay up to date with the latest articles, workshops, conferenes, etc. in design thinking.
User Experience Professionals Networkbest-ux-design-communities-groups-User Experience Professionals NetworkLinkedIn48,000+A community for User Experience Professionals including those focused in usability, human factors, interaction design, visual design, user interface design and information architecture to network, collaborate, share ideas, etc.
UX Experience GroupLinkedIn39,000+A community for User Experience Professionals including those focused in user experience design, interaction design, visual design, creative direction, information architecture, prototyping, user research, Usability Analysis, User Testing, User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction to network and share articles on the newest trends in UX.
User Experiencebest-ux-design-communities-groups-User ExperienceLinkedIn130,000+LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with others to build a network. This group features more than 100,000 UX professionals (including Information Architects, Visual Designers, Product Designers, UI Designers, User Researchers) from around the world
Hexagon UXbest-ux-design-communities-groups-Hexagon UXOtherUndisclosedHexagon is a community of women and non-binary folks in UX who support each other through the different stages of their careers, welcoming current and aspiring designers, researchers, writers, content strategists and program managers across the user experience space. There are numeruos chapters in different locations (international) that involve menotrship programs, and attending meetups or interacting on their social media pages would make for great networking!
Dribbblebest-ux-design-communities-groups-DribbbleOtherUndisclosedDribble is like Pinterest for designers to show and tell, promote, discover, and explore design. Web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types share small screenshots that show their work, process, and current projects.There is also a "Community" section which includes links to a daily blog, podcast, meetups, and even job postings! It's a fun site to explore!
UX Masterybest-ux-design-communities-groups-UX MasteryOtherUndisclosedThe format of UX Mastery is like a forum, similar to Reddit, encouraging members to post in discussion boards organized by category (i.e. UX Stories, Design Thinking, Feedback & Problem Solving, etc.). You can find Q&As with UX professionals, in-depth articles on finer points of UX, and reflections on psychology and UX.
UX Design Communitybest-ux-design-communities-groups-UX Design CommunitySlack6,000+UX Design Community is a great place to share resources/knowledge amongst other UX Designers, and ask for assistance regarding design problems, which features specific channels such as "design-critiques," "design-inspirations," and "design-events."
Designer Hangoutbest-ux-design-communities-groups-Designer HangoutSlack10,000+Designer Hangout is an exclusive/invite only network of UX designers who actively discuss insights and give each other advice. Given Slack’s instant messaging, you can get answers to all your questions in real time from experts in the field, find a mentor/mentee, and also find out about local events, job opportunities, and invites to Q&A sessions.
Content + UXbest-ux-design-communities-groups-Content UXSlackUndisclosedThe host explains that this Slack group is for people who are interested in the user experience of content, care about words, and want to design and build better digital experiences. The converstions revolve around content, how people experience content -whether it's an error message in an app or a series of articles on an enterprise website.
The Designershipbest-ux-design-communities-groups-DesignershipSlack2,000+This community describes itself as the #1 community for designers looking to share, learn & grow. Like most Slack groups on this list, because of the instant chat room format, it makes messaging others much easier and make you feel like you’re part of a community.
Dear Designersbest-ux-design-communities-groups-Dear DesignersSlackUndisclosedDear Designers is a community of people at different stages in their design careers - making it a safe place to ask questions and get answers from experienced designers who come from the startup, agency, and big software company worlds.
HH Designbest-ux-design-communities-groups-HH-designFacebook17,000+A community built around design within the context of technology. Great group that shares cutting-edge information that's typically a blend of design + tech.

Thoughts on each Platform:


Pros: I find Facebook groups to be the most helpful, especially when it comes to asking for advice, or just hearing people vent about the challenges they face in their careers. Because Facebook is more of a casual platform, the posts and replies seem to be more like conversations.

Cons: The only disadvantage that comes to mind is the amount of notifications or posts that appear on your newsfeed (all depending on how large and active the group is).


Pros: One major advantage of belonging to one of these communities is getting access to seasoned professionals, and being able to connect with them to build your network.

Cons: Because LinkedIn is more of a platform for professionals, most members are not as engaged - typically only sharing links to articles.


Pros: The chat room, topic-specific channels, and search box (finally you can search through all your information for the exact piece of information you're looking for!) all make the Slack platform unique.

Cons: One downside of Slack is the constant bombardment of incoming messages and notifications - it can get a little overwhelming!

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