List of Best UX Courses

Here's a curated list of the top self-paced, online user experience courses including user research classes, UI design classes and complete UX curriculum like UX School.

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UX CourseCategoryCostDescription
Intro to the Design of Everyday ThingsDesign thinkingFreeA video version of Don Norman's famous "Design of Everyday Things" book. This Udacity course contains 4 quick lessons: Affordances and Signifiers, Conceptual Models and the System Image, Gulfs of Evaluation and Execution Design the User Interface for a Timebank.
Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social SectorDesign thinkingFreeThis Coursera course is all about the tools, techniques and mindset needed to use design thinking to uncover new and creative solutions in the social sector. The material helps students understand an issue, generate ideas worth testing and iterate to find solutions that make a real difference. Includes lots of variety of real life examples from government, health care, and education. Perfect for students who are keenly interested in designing for nonprofits and social good programs.
Digital Skills: User ExperienceUX FundamentalsFreeThis course covers user experience basics, taught as a collaboration between FutureLearn and Accenture (a consulting giant). A good basic overview of common UX responsibilities & activities.
Mobile Interaction Design: How to Design Usable Mobile Products and ServicesMobile UX/UIFreeThis mobile UX course has a unique focus on design thinking applied to mobile frameworks. Usability problems are discussed, as well as the process of how to discover and analyze them. Helps students adopt a mentality of continuous learning & design iteration. Taught by National Research University Higher School of Economics, hosted by Coursera.
Responsive Website Development and Design SpecializationUser Interface Design & SoftwareFreeCoursera - University of London
Creating Business Value with User ExperienceUX Strategy & BusinessFreeOpenSAP -
In this course, you will learn about the business value that can be achieved with great user experience.
User Experience Specialization from UC San DiegoUX FundamentalsFreeHuman Centered Design: An Introduction
Design Principles: An Introduction
Social Computing
User Experience: Research & Prototyping
Information Design
Input and Interaction
Designing, Running and Analyzing Experiments
Software Design for Non-DesignersDesign thinkingFreeThis OpenSAP course is a cross collaboration between UC San Diego and SAP (the software giant), and thus includes some aspects of learning related to doing design on the job. The free course includes these 6 modules...

What is Design and Why Design Matters
Design Process
Needs Finding
Conceptual Design
High Fidelity Design
Design at Work
Human Computer Interaction Track from Georgia TechUX FundamentalsFreeIntroduction to User Experience Design
Human Computer Interaction
User Interface (UI) Personalization
User Interface Design Specialization from University of MinnesotaUser Interface Design & SoftwareFreeIntroduction to UI Design
User Research and Design
Prototyping and Design
Evaluating User Interfaces
UI Design Capstone
Mobile Design and Usability for AndroidMobile UX/UIFreeUdacity - Facebook
Featuring Facebook's experts in User Research and Product Design, this course walks you through the steps to design a new mobile product that puts users first. You'll learn how to use data collected from users to guide prototyping, and conduct user testing with a production app to guide a future redesign
Mobile Design and Usability for iOSUser Interface Design & SoftwareFreeUdacity - Facebook
Featuring Facebook's experts in User Research and Product Design, this course walks you through the steps to design a new mobile product that puts users first. You'll learn how to use data collected from users to guide prototyping, and conduct user testing with a production app to guide a future redesign.
Introduction to Software Product ManagementUX Strategy & BusinessFreeModule 1: Software Product Management - The Discipline
Module 2: Foundations of Software Product Management
User Experience Design FundamentalsUX FundamentalsPaidThe top selling UX course on Udemy, Joe Natoli's course is basically a video version of Jesse James Garrett's seminal book "The Elements of User Experience." Natoli covers the 5 Planes of experience (my favorite UX model) - Strategy, Scope, Structure, Skeleton and Surface in 5 in-depth videos, giving UX learners a good foundation lens to think about product design.
Cooper Crash Course: Design Thinking in 3 StepsDesign thinkingPaidProbably the best introduction to design thinking course available on Udemy, this course distills research methods from the famous UX Design Firm Cooper. Learn how to understand your audience, envision a creative solution, and test your prototype.
UX School: UX Fundamentals CourseUX's UX Fundamentals course distills the core aspects of user experiencing into three parts: 1) interaction design principles 2) business & research fundamentals and 3) visual & UI design best practices.
Design for Humanity: A New Perspective on User ExperienceDesign thinkingPaidA uniquely different design thinking & research course that teaches how to design for inclusiveness by learning to challenge your vision, testing through stress cases, and analyzing real design. Arms designers with fun, original ideas (and exercises) to test their designs.
UX & Web Design Master Course: Strategy, Design, DevelopmentUX FundamentalsPaidNot only do you learn strategy and fundamental UX topics (IA, research...), but there are actionable sections dedicated to implementing your design in HTML+CSS AND Wordpress. And impressive and complete course indeed. I would specifically recommend this course for design-minded entrepreneurs interested in launching their own product with good UX principles in mind.
How to Do Qualitative Research RightUX ResearchPaidOne of the only courses focusing on qualitative research, this still-under-development course teaches you how to design your own qualitative research project. Topics like data coding and taking notes as an ethnographer (which are found nowhere else in Udemy) are covered in this short, actionable course. Perfect for designers and user researchers.
UX Research for Apps: User-centric from Concept to LaunchUX ResearchPaidMost "complete" UX courses sprinkle on a little UX research in the front, but doesn't dive into the topic. This course is a true "Intro to User Research" course, with the added context of conduct research for mobile products.
UX Strategy FundamentalsUX StrategyPaidThis course lives up to it's name - focusing on UX Strategy fundamentals like Determining Strategic Value, User Needs and Business Goals, Scope Planning, and user testing. Course is especially relevant if you come from a business or research background, If you're a product manager, or if you're a design consultant - areas in which strategy play a particularly large role.
User Experience Design: UX Mission Control & StrategyUX StrategyPaidThis is a solid course for UX consultants and strategists, covering author Marion Goren's own system of managing projects and some field-tested design strategies. If you work in an agency or interface often with design clients, this is one of the best courses that blend UX design with project management.
Designing for Productivity in the User eXperienceUsabilityPaidThis is a usability-focused UX course that deep dives into optimizing user efficiency in software and user interfaces in general. Great expert knowledge to add to your toolbelt if you're a UX / Design consultant or find yourself in a position to prove the ROI of UX through actionable exercises and metrics. A hidden gem of a course that covers techniques I haven't found in any other usability course.
Winning User Experience DesignUsabilityPaidA solid course focused on web usability, Winning User Experience covers Information Architecture, Personas, and Design Heuristics. Taking this course will help you defend - and critique - design decisions.
Web Accessibility: Learn Best Practices, Tools & TechniquesUsabilityPaidA strong primer on designing accessible websites, covering core topics like how to optimize color, navigation and form inputs to be more inclusive for all user types. 
Information Architecture (IA) FundamentalsInformation ArchitecturePaidJoe Natoli back at it again, with the best and most complete introduction to Information Architecture available on Udemy. Lives up to the promise of teaching you everything you need to know from what content should be presented, to what its called, to how its organized.
Developing an Information Architecture with Card SortingInformation ArchitecturePaidIf you're asked to do a cart sort or figure out the organization of a this course now and following the 14 lectures. This knowledge is great to running a group workshop (group cardsort) and learning the power of cardsorting as a way to vet and organize information structures.
How to Build Habit-Forming ProductsConversion Centered DesignPaidIf you loved Nir Eyal's popular book HOOKED, then you'll love his video course on designing experiences users love. Visualizes the core concepts made popular through the book, as well as numerous examples of actual companies that get users to return again and again to their products.
Practical Statistics for The User Experience IConversion Centered DesignPaidJeff Sauro is the KING of user experience analytics, or the intersection between design and data. This course completely lives up to it's name and teaches you how to determine if your designs are statistically significant. Perfect for UX designers interested in data, or work in environments in which data and analytics are required in your job. In general, good for designers who want to learn how to back up their design with data.
Website conversion optimization: UX, social media & emailConversion Centered DesignPaidAdding conversion tactics is a quick way to become a more well-rounded, business-minded UX Designer. This course teaches optimization principles and techniques, like how to increase your sales funnel with social media and email. Perfect for designers starting their own blog, or working in a company in which SEO & conversion are priorities.
Mobile App Design In Sketch 3: UX and UI Design From ScratchUser Interface Design & SoftwarePaidEven though this course was last updated in 2015, it still remains the most complete Sketch course on Udemy that covers all the basics of the tool in detail. Impressive coverage from a "Sketch School" to prototyping in Invision to designing a full mobile app, all in one course. Highly recommended.
Learning Axure RP 8 - UX Design FundamentalsUser Interface Design & SoftwarePaidAxure is still one of the best cross-platform (yes, Mac AND Windows) prototyping tools on the market, and this course delivers a solid overview of the apps most important design features. Great for beginners, not for more intermediate or more advanced Axure users.
UI/UX design with Adobe XD: Design & Prototype a Mobile AppUser Interface Design & SoftwarePaidThe new(er) kid on the block by Adobe is going to be a dominate prototyping tool for most designers because it blends UI design and prototyping (think inVision level interactions) in one app. Learn-by-doing is the approach in this course: design a simple app (7 screens) all within Adobe's Experience Design (XD).
UI Design with Photoshop from Beginner to Expert in 15 daysUser Interface Design & SoftwarePaidPhotoshop is still the most dominant design tool in the UX industry (though that's slowly changing). Learn how to optimize PS for a user interface environment through topics like layers, gradients, patterns, and of course useful shortcuts. There are a few hands-on projects in this course to help you build practical skills while using Photoshop.
UI & Web Design using Adobe Illustrator 2017User Interface Design & SoftwarePaidIllustrator, the standard favorite for vector art, is also widely popular for UI design. In fact, many companies run only Adobe products (not introduced to Sketch yet), and this is the best course that teaches you user interface design within the context of Adobe Illustrator.
UI Animation using Sketch 3, Principle App, and FlintoUser Interface Design & SoftwarePaidWant to learn how to build micro interactions using some of the most popular UI animation tools? Pablo Stanley is one of the most talented instructors and designers in the UX & UI world, and this is one of the best courses teaches you how to animate your user interfaces using Marvel, Flinto, inVision, and Principle.
Mobile User Experience: The Complete Guide to MobileMobile UX/UIPaidThis is a bonafide course on mobile interaction design - and by interaction design I mean that the teacher actually talks about designing for physical touch, input, and even mobile information architecture.
Android Design: Master UI/UX Techniques and Material DesignMobile UX/UIPaidThe course definitely lives up to its name - learn the ins and outs of designing for Android, including Google's Material Design. The course is geared a bit more towards programmers, as it does require some Java knowledge. If your goal is to design your own Android app, this is by far one of the best courses on the topic.
iOS 8 Mobile App Design: UI & UX Design From ScratchMobile UX/UIPaidWhat makes this course stand out from all other mobile design courses? It teaches you advanced Photoshop skills AND prototyping in InVision AND visual design principles - getting you as close to working product without code. Focused on iOS 8 design - good fundamentals, even with newer iOS versions out.
Learn UI/UX and Mobile App Design in Photoshop from ScratchMobile UX/UIPaidLives up to it's name: hands-on course has you designing mobile screens in the context of Photoshop. The first few lectures cover UX and UI fundamentals, then dives into 20 lectures doing a crash course on Photoshop + mobile UI design. Note: does not really cover prototyping, just screen design.
Sketch from A to Z: Become an App DesignerMobile UX/UIPaidI have to include this one because it's the best-selling Sketch course that shows you how to design a mobile app step by step. It's one of the few courses that blends teaching you about visual design principles WHILE teaching you the ins-and-outs of using Sketch. Course definitely lives up to its name.

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